Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 13, 2012
Kurt Angle Talks Match With Jeff Hardy + HHH/’Taker

Kurt Angle Talks Match With Jeff Hardy + HHH/’Taker

In an interview with Dan Gelston of the Associated Press, Kurt Angle talked about his match with Jeff Hardy and his plans for after Lockdown.

He said: “I’m going to see how I feel. I don’t plan on taking any time off. In pro wrestling, you can work around your injuries and still have a great, awesome match. But this cage match is very dangerous. I am facing Jeff Hardy. He’s a high flyer. We’re going to do a lot of crazy stuff in this match. I pray to God I don’t further injure my injuries anymore. But I am brave enough, and maybe I’m stupid, but I want the fans to say, ‘That was the best match I saw all year.’ That’s hard to say when you have Triple H and Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. But Jeff Hardy and I are capable of having just as good of a match as Undertaker and Triple H.”

For those who may have missed our report from this morning, Kurt Angle also talked to the Associated Press about his failed bid to make the Olympics, which was curtailed due to an injury. Check out the highlights:

On the injury: ‘ I feel like it was a waste of time. Here I am, at the 11:30 hour, and I get the worst injury I’ve gotten in the last year. I’ve had four or five injuries, but I’ve worked around them. This one, I can’t work around. There’s no way around it.”

On being advised by US Olympic Team coach Zeke Jones to withdraw: ”We have such incredible, awesome competition, that with my MCL injury, they would have torn me apart.”

On his match at Lockdown still being on: ”In amateur wrestling, I have no control over what’s going to happen to me. My No. 1 priority is TNA Wrestling. With TNA, I can work around my injuries and still have a five-star match.”

On whether he would have made it if not for the injury: ”I really thought that I had a legitimate shot of at least making the team, or being an Olympic alternate. At 43, no one’s ever done it. I had that opportunity. I had that shot.”

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2 Responses to “Kurt Angle Talks Match With Jeff Hardy + HHH/’Taker”

  1. A match as good as taker and hhh? ……….? Maybe. They definitely won’t have the drama like taker and hhh cause there’s no streak to defend bit its possible I guess.

  2. ariesstormjoe says:

    hhh and taker had a mis-represented match imo.

    it was a hell in a cell match no? yet they didnt really use the cell much at all. now of course they are old now more able to get injured. but it wasnt really a hell in a cell match. was a chair and sledge hammer in a hell in a cell match. was still a good match but mis-represented.

    think with angle injured angle/hardy will have to be creative. tho angle is maybe a bit crazy when he will try and miss a moonsault. think it will be within top 3 matches of the night tho.

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