Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 13, 2013
Kurt Angle Talks The Olympics, His TNA Future & More

Kurt Angle Talks The Olympics, His TNA Future & More

Kurt Angle says he will make it his personal mission to get wrestling back in the Olympics. He told the UK Sun that he plans to wrestle for three more years before coaching and campaigning for wrestling in the Olympics.

He said: “I’ll fight for it. They can’t just keep adding new sports and taking away the old ones. I’ll continue to wrestle for the TNA. The plan is on wrestling three more years, then coach amateur wrestlers and fight my butt of to get wrestling back in the Olympics.”

Meanwhile, he told Arda Ocal of the Baltimore Sun that he’s worried wrestling will be set back a generation as a result of the sport being cut from the event.

He added: “I’m wondering will these kids today still continue to wrestle or will they give it up because they won’t be in the Olympics? That’s all I dreamt about. I didn’t have fun as a kid. I didn’t go out and go to the movies. [Wrestling] is all I did. I was a kid with a dream. I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me. I had a very selfish childhood.”

That story also has quotes from Shane Helms and Gerald Brisco, who attends amateur wrestling events to find future WWE stars. Brisco said: “As a scout I communicate with amateur wrestling coaches. I’ve received 50 emails a day from upset coaches across the country. To me, it’s a big blow. It’s an uneducated blow that these people over in Switzerland made. It’s a travesty for the sport. It’s one of the oldest sports known to mankind, a sport that demands respect. A bunch of men sitting in an office made a rash judgment call on such an important sport in our civilization.”

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  1. TheRowdy1 says:

    Taking wrestling out of the Olympics is stupid – it's one of the original Olympic sports. So we need to remove it, but keep badminton, ping-pong, etc? Yes, let's remove an original sport so we can keep sports that people play while drinking in their backyard. Next we'll have to ax another sport to add horseshoe pitching. Ridiculous.

  2. Kevin jeffrey says:

    Good for you kirt angle if they pull wrestling from the games me nore none of my family will watch them give them hell.

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