Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 2, 2014
Kurt Angle Telling People He’s Returning To WWE?

Kurt Angle Telling People He’s Returning To WWE?

— Jeff Hardy, who will return to TNA as Willow, is featured on the PPV poster for TNA Sacrifice. The show will be a live PPV on April 27.

— Kurt Angle reportedly told several people at Saturday’s Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio that he will be returning to WWE in September. His current TNA deal expires in September. If there isn’t a no-compete clause in his contract, he would be able to go back right away. Angle has been open recently about the idea of returning to WWE and finishing his career there. He’s also talked about who he wants to fight if he goes back. The issue is – he may not be able to pass a WWE physical.

Neither WWE nor TNA have commented on this news, so take it as a rumor for now.

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11 Responses to “Kurt Angle Telling People He’s Returning To WWE?”

  1. steven kelly says:

    Dont worry i always take it as rumour till they walk down ramp at said promotion or promotion does a presser

  2. Get_Carter says:

    It would be a shame that TNA can't keep it's first two Hall of Fame inductees in the company.

    • oh0K says:

      Sting took years of absence in WCW, and came back, does that mean they didn't keep him?

    • Sturk says:

      huh?? Angle and Sting were both there for YEARS. Doesn't mean TNA "couldn't" keep them.

    • tnadude says:

      Dude, everybody leaves sometime….

      Wasn't Hogan in the WWE HOF before coming to TNA? Flair was too (heck, he entered a second time WHILE in TNA). Point is, it happens.

      Not a big deal if you ask me.

  3. steven kelly says:

    Again sting still on roster

  4. TheFurnitureom says:

    I love this WWE physical thing. They have Goldust & The New Age Outlaws every week opening every week. This whole WWE physical thing dropped constantly by pro WWE articles almost looks like they are desperately trying to rewrite history and somehow are no longer shady and care about their workers.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      just because Goldust and the outlaws are older doesn't mean they cant pass a physical, none of those 3 ever had bad injuries (unlike kurt or Hogan) and kept themselves in decent shape. I mean, at least they didn't let someone who was high as fuck go out and main event a company would ever do that..oh wait…

  5. JoshuaTNA says:

    This is gonna make the second TNA hall of famer to run off to the WWE. I say give the hall of fame honor to someone who's loyal to your brand, Heck give it to Jeremy Borash theres no one that deserves the HOF more then good old loyal JB.

    • Sturk says:

      huh??? Sting didn't run off to the WWE lol. He's been with TNA for almost a DECADE ha. Angle has been with TNA since 2006!! Sting didn't run off anywhere lol.

    • tnadude says:

      I think you're missing the point a bit. WWE has a great way for older guys to make money during their retirement. Why shouldn't they be allowed (encouraged, really) to do so?

      And just because they choose to do it doesn't lessen their accomplishments in TNA.

      And this is coming from a guy who HATES WWE. But this isn't about WWE. It's about respecting the talent that entertains us in TNA.

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