Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 9, 2014
Kurt Angle Turns Down New TNA Contract Offer – Why?

Kurt Angle Turns Down New TNA Contract Offer – Why?

Kurt Angle was a guest on Jim Ross’ podcast, During his appearance, he stated that his contract with TNA expires on September 21st. He also stated that TNA offered him a contact extension, but that he turned it down.

Angle noted that his next wrestling contract will be his last, and he feels he needs to think about what that means for who he signs with. During the podcast, he also stated that he should be ready to return to the ring in October.

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10 Responses to “Kurt Angle Turns Down New TNA Contract Offer – Why?”

  1. dcxbox says:

    if thats true, then he should just talk with wwe and try and get on board. its what he really wants and would be the best way for him to go out. in the future tna would always welcome him back in a non wrestling role or behind the scenes but im sure he could work wwe and be a major hand in nxt down the line as well. he can make his return and challenge brock lesner for the wwe title in his first match back. of course angle would have to lose on his return match as wwe wants brock as champ til mania.

    • glyndwr says:

      If he dont think a regular pay packet from tna who helped pick himself up is good enough then its best he goes. I thought tna wouldnt be the same with out aj yet they still going strong. No offence but id have aj back before kurt anyday. He is a shadow of the man he was and he looks awkward in the ring now.

  2. DJBIGCG says:

    I agree with dcxbox. Angle should finish up with wwe. More then likely, end his wrestling career, not at this wwe wrestlemania, but the next. And hang his wrestling boots up in glory. Hey, he might even be able to be a commentater on raw or smack down

    • dcxbox says:

      i would say end it at mania 33. philly still in the running, he could end his own state if they choose to go to philly . if taker plans to still work another match or so he will prob end at 32 since its in dallas, that alone is a mega draw for him and wwe. agle could end it at mania 33-35 one of those. he could prob work less dates than he or even sting did in tna, but more than brock lesner or rvd does in wwe. and each year work a little less then build to the end. hes a great tv character he can always take on an on air role and lead to a match over time. hes talented on the mic and in the ring, i think angle could be an awesome play by play guy even

  3. Sturk says:

    YESSSSS!!! I've been waiting for his stale behind to exit TNA!!!! Finally!! I'll bbe 100 happy with TNA after that happens. I'm fine with Hardy and Bully being the vets of the roster.

  4. 2blackbelts says:

    Either WWE or also very likely Global Force…believe me…things are happening there

  5. JoeWrestling says:

    Unlikely WWE will hire him. Probably will just sign with TNA eventually. TNA is probably just holding off until their network deal is renewed, wouldn't believe anything that is said publicly.

  6. hangers says:

    If I was Angle, I'd want one more run in WWE, get a good paypacket and go out with a bang.. No one can deny all his done for TNA over the years but no-one can begrudge him wanting to end his career on the highest possible note..

  7. Bro says:

    still up in the air

  8. steve says:

    real American all the way with Jack Swagger

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