Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 11, 2013
Kurt Angle: ‘When I Retire I Will Not Come Back’

Kurt Angle: ‘When I Retire I Will Not Come Back’

Credit: The Sun

Kurt Angle recently spoke about his retirement as well as switching to a part time schedule. Here is what he ha to say…

“When I do retire, I won’t be coming back.

But I do see myself, after my contract is up, going on a reduced schedule where I will be part-time and only doing particular PPVs and TVs.

I definitely am going to still be involved in wrestling because even though, thank God, I’m financially set, I love what I do.

It’s hard to walk away from it when you can still do it. I’m still kicking hard and in my prime, I haven’t lost a step.

If this happens in TNA, then great. I’ll be there for the big shows and represent them the best way I can. Hopefully they’ll get a lot more success out of it, more PPV buys and more attendance.”

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19 Responses to “Kurt Angle: ‘When I Retire I Will Not Come Back’”

  1. annil8or4321 says:

    angle as gm would be cool

    • Jack_Flagrant says:

      Personally, I feel that Angle has the reputation, know-how, and clout to pull off the GM role, but lacks mic ability and believability to be powerful in said role.

      Sting may be an ideal GM candidate when he retires.

      • DigestivBiscuit says:

        Come on Kurt has some good mic skills remember in Main Event Mafia and even now he still go it. He will be a good general manager and TNA might give him the role of Bruce Prichards which is Programming & Talent Relations, Kurt will be great in that.

        • Jack_Flagrant says:

          Yes, Kurt would be suitable for a Prichard role working with talent.

          Perhaps he would make a decent GM; I guess I just see Sting in that role.

          • oh0K says:

            Angle would only work as GM in an angle at this point…. and only for a short period, like shawn michaels in wwe after he retired the first time…. Angle hasnt been around long enough to be a draw in a GM roll….

          • Bigmike885 says:

            what?..1st off.."gm" is a scripted role..anyone can do it..2nd..Kurt would make perfect sense..hes got clout..he could be physical if doesn't matter..

  2. Peckar says:

    My guess he would have a couple or three yeears left the way he wrestles. Thats how much time anybody has to get to see him. I think Sting would be on a similar timeline. BFG next year, here I come.

  3. Treck says:

    From us TNA fans Angle gets respect but from wrestling fans in general. I feel he should get more respect. He has always worked hard and now he is putting over Wes Brisco . Well the other guy too. Actually Garrett to me seems to be improving.

  4. jbcissom says:

    I love watching Angle wrestle, but as a fan, I think he needs to start taking a step back a bit. He's already trying to put over the younger guys, but the guy has a family (huge when you consider he has at least 4 kids… can't remember how many he had with Karen). He needs to be on Sting's schedule, so he can be at the same level at the end of his contract and hopefully there after.

    • oh0K says:

      Being on stings schedule will put him at the same level? How many chairshots to the head have you taken? No… seriously how many?

  5. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    No disrespect Angle, but you aren't in your prime..

    • Bigmike885 says:

      uh oh..your besmirched Kurt..The TNA hounds will be out in full force now..

      • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

        I know right? Some people just aren't willing to face certain realities…
        I mean, im a hardcore TNA fan, but some are just delusional. Sad really.

  6. hangers says:

    I would love to see Kurt and AJ turn full on, bad-ass heels and do something together but with the whole A & 8's sh!t still going on it's hard to then do this and give it the attention it would deserve..

    For those who say he's past it, I think that's a bit premature considering only a couple of years ago many were saying he was the best wrestler in the world..

  7. judkinskenneth says:

    I Think angle still has talent as far as aces and eights he couldnt pull off a biker character but aj could and so couldnt homicide if he would come back I think aces and eights need a couple x stars and maybe even chicks who could wear leather jackets sayin property of aces and eights

  8. judkinskenneth says:

    and no angle wouldnt make a great gm he would do so much better in a talent agent or a trainer he would make a great teacher to future stars maybe put him in ovw as a trainer you know what i mean and if not that he would also make a great manager cuz of his drive

  9. DJBIGCG says:

    Angle said, if this happens in tna. Has me wondering when his contract is up, will he stay in tna, or retire in wwe?

  10. Real Deal Heel says:

    Angle would be a good GM..commands total respect from his accomplishments/wresting know-how/knowledge of the business…not to mention he could snap an ankle just like that…

  11. whatsup121 says:

    I would like to see Kurt Angle put in the TNA Hall of Fame

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