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Last Week’s TNA iMPACT! Quarter Hour Ratings

Last Week’s TNA iMPACT! Quarter Hour Ratings


The ratings for the November 8th TNA Impact Wrestling show were a 1.02 rating. This was off a first hour 0.96 rating and second hour 1.09 rating. Here is the quarter hour breakdown…

First Hour Break Down
Q1: Impact opened with a show-low 0.88 rating for an Aces & Eights video package, ring intros for the opening match, one commercial, and the first-half of A.J. Styles vs. Bobby Roode (Even with live run Q1 average.)

Q2: Impact increased to a 0.95 rating for the second-half of Styles vs. Roode, one commercial, and varios backstage segments. (up 4.8% vs. live run Q2 average)

Q3: Impact increased to a 1.02 rating for Bully Ray and Joseph Park convincing Hulk Hogan to give Park a match at the PPV, one commercial, and ODB vs. Tara & Jesse in a Knockouts handicap match. (up 9.1% vs. live run Q3 average)

Q4: Impact dipped slightly to a 1.00 rating for backstage segments, Gut Check judges deliberating, and two full commercial breaks. (up 7.0% vs. live run Q4 average)

Second Hour Break Down
Q5: Impact got its usual top-of-the-second-hour bump to a 1.13 rating for Sting & Kurt Angle vs. Devon & Doc, a post-match attack on Sting, and one commercial. (up 5.6% vs. live run Q5 average)

Q6: Impact began a steady decline with a 1.10 rating for the Gut Check in-ring segment with Christian York, Morgan & Joey Ryan confronting Hulk Hogan backstage, and one commercial. (up 6.6% vs. live run Q6 average)

Q7: Impact dipped to a 1.06 rating for the first-half of a six-man tag main event of Samoa Joe & Chavo & Hernandez vs. Magnus & Daniels & Kazarian, plus one commercial. (up 3.2% vs. live run Q7 average)

Q8: Impact dipped slightly to a 1.05 rating for the second-half of the main event, one commercial, and the show-closing angle between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries leading into Turning Point. (down 1.5% vs. live run Q8 average)

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