Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 3, 2013
Last Week’s TNA iMPACT! Quarter Hour Ratings Are In

Last Week’s TNA iMPACT! Quarter Hour Ratings Are In


Here are the quarter-hour ratings for last week’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling. The overall show did a 0.95 rating from hours of 0.91 and 0.99:

Q1: 0.90 rating: Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan segment, Austin Aries challenging Bobby Roode
Q2: 0.89 rating: Samoa Joe vs. a masked member of Aces & Eights
Q3: 0.95 rating: Robbie E., Jesse and Rob Terry Bro-Off, first few minutes of RVD vs. Christian York
Q4: 0.89 rating: Second half of RVD vs. Christian York, videos on Aces & 8s and Joseph Park
Q5: 1.01 rating: Daniels & Kaz mock A.J. Styles, first-half of Daniels & Kaz vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
Q6: 0.93 rating: Second-half of Daniels & Kaz vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
Q7: 1.00 rating: Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher, matches set up for next week’s Impact
Q8: 1.00 rating: Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

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8 Responses to “Last Week’s TNA iMPACT! Quarter Hour Ratings Are In”

  1. DJBIGCG says:

    I guess people weren't liking the rvd christian york match, since we can see a drop in ratings around that time

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      thats what the numbers do show but are numbers a true reflection of ppls actions? some ppl would say yes. you can simplify everything down to numbers and then interpret the results easily. wwe i believe try this since they are huge on getting high ratings. but really all numbers show is there is a difference they do not say why there is a difference.

      another example is wwe with their social media trends. 1 week raw/sd has say 80, 456 social media score. next week raw/sd has either a social media score of 82, 392 or 75, 276. now i believe how wwe would interpret these scores are when it goes up that means good and when it goes down its bad. again thats very simple thinking. what wwe should try is actually looking at what the fans say not how many say positive/negative comments about the show.

  2. Mr. Excitement says:

    TNA's quarter hour ratings mean nothing. One week Aries match is highest rating. Another week Kaz/Daniels has the highest rating. And the ratings for a specific star goes up/down by a tiny bit each week. If they went up/down by a huge chunk then it's something to pay attention to.

  3. Treck says:

    Too bad most “wrestling fans” are retards or impact would have better ratings

  4. The Truth says:

    Hold on! I thought it was a 1.3 or around that?? What’s going on with this?

    • Jon says:

      1.3 million viewers was the figure reported initially I believe. That's not the same as the rating being referenced here, it's a percentage of potential viewers (0.95 rating equals slight less than 1% of the possible audience).

  5. Jon says:

    The first hour consistently drives down the overall rating. For whatever reason (presumably competition on other networks rather than the show itself) it just doesn't fare as well.

  6. jbcissom says:

    Here's the jist… the ratings, regardless of the numbers, follow the same trend week in and week out. One thing to take into account is the top drawing shows on Thursday nights, CBS and NBC have their top rated shows for the week on.

    Also, I'm starting to agree with several of you that this early hour might be hurting TNA. While I love the move, because I live on the East coast, it's possible TNA could increase their ratings by 10-20%.

    Also, it would be nice if they could figure in DVR and Tivo numbers. I self-admittedly DVR TNA, because I watch Big Bang Theory and several Thursday night games (both NFL and CFB).

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