Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 16, 2013
Last Week’s TNA No Surrender iMPACT! Rating

Last Week’s TNA No Surrender iMPACT! Rating

Last week’s TNA No Surrender themed edition of iMPACT! Wrestling scored a 1.08 (1.1) cable rating, up from the 0.98 (1.0) cable rating the show drew the week before.

The show averaged 1.389 million viewers, up from the 1.310 million average the week before.

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14 Responses to “Last Week’s TNA No Surrender iMPACT! Rating”

  1. tnafan05 says:

    All because of aj one thing though hulk hogan gets a massive pop when he limps out and proceeds to absolutly destroy my soul with boredom BROTHER!!! Get him out!!!!!!!!

    • PennyAnd1 says:

      Hulk Hogan got a pop reaction because that's what most people come to see in LIVE Wrestling. A Legend.

    • NonameMcgee says:

      YES! YES! YES! Get Hogan and Bitchoff out of there! Even though I think they are too late. I think they are going down just like the Titanic. I mean how are you going to loose all of your good talent, and prolly even your best and original talent in AJ Styles and think you are going to make it for the long haul, prolly not going to happen……. But what do you expect when you give the same two people who drove WCW "does anyone even rember WCW?" into the ground the same power to do it again, well it's prolly going top happen again. And I think we are seeing it happen again.

  2. carloschacon7 says:

    Ratings were way better when Vice Russo was around. Fire HH and Eric, revive the X Divison and bring back Russo.

    • PennyAnd1 says:

      Russo has no stability. His Wrestling stuff is random and you can't follow a single story because the story changes from time to time. I like Bischoff better because he knows how to build momentum.

      • NonameMcgee says:

        Really, really, are you for real? I mean do you actually watch TNA or are you just some dumb ass blind guy, who thinks TNA sounds cool when you listen to it? I mean because if you could see with your eyes then you would see that since Hogan and Bitchoff came in to TNA, story lines are random and you can't follow them. I mean how about the story where RVD came in took the TNA title away from AJ Styles just to turn around and be taken out by Abyss and "Janice", lost the belt to never get a rematch. Or how about the story of Chris Sabin getting the belt from Bully Ray for two weeks just to lose it back to Bully Ray and to go back to the X-Division. Those are only two exemples, but I could go on all day.

        • PennyAnd1 says:

          Really, really, are you for real? Did you know the RVD storyline was Russo's? Dumba$$! Oh and Chris Sabin was getting criticize because of his size, plus they still needed Bully to hold on to that belt because the Aces & Eight's storyline wasn't finished just yet. It was just a little reward for Sabin. The plan is to have AJ represent TNA by beating Bully to win the championship (a good guy vs bad guy thing that attracts people and has more meaning than if it was AJ vs Sabin). So you won't reward Sabin a belt at all? Dumb. Everything is solid so far, compared to what was TNA back then, where you don't know who was who, and what was happening. Bischoff knows how to build momentum, unlike Russo who changes his mind like a girl changes clothes because he feels like it.

          Russo? lol Seriously? The guy who messed up WCW with some random shit? lol

  3. carloschacon7 says:

    Ratings were way better when Vice Russo was around. Fire HH and Eric, revive the X Divison and bring back Russo.

  4. Mr. Excitement says:

    Expected a higher number. Was a good show.

  5. godoftna says:

    Was one of the best shows in a while. Great in ring action throughout. My only gripe was that Sting and Joe should have come out to help Magnus and Styles when they got attacked by E.G.O.(seriously, that's the best they could come up with? almost as bad as the old Sports Entertainment Xtreme(S.E.X.) GROUP FROM tna's early days). It would have made a good set up for next weeks match pitting M.E.M against E.G.O.

  6. tnadude says:

    Jets/Patriots was a snooze-fest. I can't wait to see how they do during season premieres…

  7. tsoutheast says:

    What's the point,the numbers up one week,down the next week.

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