Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 15, 2012
Live Notes From TNA’s Lockdown Fan Interaction Event

Live Notes From TNA’s Lockdown Fan Interaction Event

Credit: Adam Parker and Pwinsider

TNA announced that Sting won’t be at the event, they gave VIPs a free shirt and said they can get that signed on top of the 2 item and 1 photo limit. Since Sting isn’t here, they are allowing 2 items and 1 photo during the main event session.

A lot of guys are ignoring the signing limits and just signing as much as you have, even giving out extra 8x10s.

Austin Aries has a stamp he’s using to sign stuff, but he still does a written signature on request.

TNA gave away one of the big group signed turnbuckle pads that they sold on their site.

Carlos Alazraqui, the actor who played Garcia in Reno 911 is here as the Direct Auto NASCAR driver. He’s handing out fake mustaches and signing 8x10s of his character.

They are selling the replica TNA Heavyweight Championship for $300.

Today’s brown bag special is 4 DVDs, TNA Program, an unreleased Impact Wrestling shirt, and your choice of a Nash or Sting action figure.

Pat Kenney, JB, and Al Snow are walking around signing stuff if people ask. TNA President Dixie Carter is also signing and taking photos with fans.

Don West is making sure everyone in attendance is getting everyone’s autograph.

Atlas Security is in the house as well.

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5 Responses to “Live Notes From TNA’s Lockdown Fan Interaction Event”

  1. planetcrush says:

    TNA does a good job with the fan interactions. I keep saying one of these days I'll schedule a trip to Orlando for a PPV and go to one of them but I still haven't done it yet. If there is one area where I wish WWE would improve it would be in the fan interaction events. Most of WWE's signings suck majorly.

  2. soyfenomenal says:

    Wow. Sting isn't there? What a failure that must have been. I feel as though many people would get the main event session just for Sting, because who cares about Flair or Hogan anymore?

  3. Triple f says:

    Come on Aries! With all the energy that you expend in the ring, you can’t pick up a pen and sign your name?

  4. rumpl4skin says:

    Atlas Security…oooo the nostalgia!!!

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