Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 15, 2013
Lots Of News From Today’s TNA Press Conference

Lots Of News From Today’s TNA Press Conference

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– TNA will tape two Impact episodes on Saturday, June 29. The first show will carry a Fourth of July patriotic theme due to the episode airing on Thursday, July 4. TNA will then tape the July 11 Impact episode on the same night.

– Hulk Hogan was the main attraction for the press conference. When asked about some of his favorite career matches in Las Vegas, Hogan said his famous match with Sting at Starrcade ’97 is at the top of his list. The match actually took place in Washington, D.C.

Asked about his infamous Halloween Havoc ’98 match against the Ultimate Warrior that actually took place in Vegas, Hogan joked that it’s one he would like to forget.

– Hogan said he continues to be challenged by having his daughter, Brooke Hogan, working alongside him in TNA because he doesn’t want to talk business when they’re at home. Regarding Brooke joining TNA a few years ago, Hogan said, “To shoot with you, brother, that was a Dixie Carter idea.”

– Prior to Hogan’s speech, X Division champion Kenny King spoke at the press conference. King talked about living in Vegas and Dixie Carter texting him that TNA booked Vegas for Impact just for King.

– Before King and Hogan spoke, emcee Jeremy Borash brought “Las Vegas special guest” Oscar B. Goodman on-stage. Goodman, who was flanked by two Vegas showgirls, opened his comments with a “TNA” joke. This drew nervous laughter since the company has had to fight the “TNA vs. T&A” battle throughout company history.

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5 Responses to “Lots Of News From Today’s TNA Press Conference”

  1. Roid Master says:

    One news item and lots of anecdotes …thanks for another misleading headline.

  2. godoftna says:

    Here's my biggest beef with this whole deal: "Hogan was the "main attraction" of the press conference". It's not "Hulk Hogan presents: TNA Wrestling". It's not "Hulk Hogan and Friends". It's TNA Wrestling. Now I said in an earlier post that if TNA wants to use Hogan for press, then that's fine. Have him do the radio and tv spots and PUT OVER THE SHOW, not his own career. Seriously, I'd really like to know how much TNA spends on these press conferences as they seem like a tremendous waste of company finances.

    • JoeWrestling says:

      They are trying to get local media. This is exactly what Hogan should be doing. I don't get the point that he is hogging the press conference and how much money they spend on a press conference. You might as well fold the company if you aren't going to spend money to advertise a show. They are using Hogan to try to get 5 seconds of media attention. None of these reporters are going to cover the show like it's a real event.

  3. annil8or4321 says:

    it doent seem like hogan wants his daughter in the business

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