Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 21, 2014
Magnus Discusses TNA Focusing On Younger Talent

Magnus Discusses TNA Focusing On Younger Talent


TNA World Champion Magnus recently spoke about his start in TNA and the new era the company is moving into. Here are the highlights…

On starting out in a tag-team in TNA: “I was very green when I first came in. I probably wouldn’t have lasted. A singles guy, you’re very exposed. You learn on the job. Doug took me under his wing. We complemented each other, benefited from working with one another. The tag win was a big deal. Chances are I’d be around a while.”

On TNA’s new era & focusing on younger stars: “We’ve moved to a new era. We looked to others to run things before. They wouldn’t pull the trigger on the young talent. You put yourself into a spot. If you don’t do it fast enough, people won’t buy into it. In transition, you have to make it real. There’s only one left. It’s a definitive moment.”

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  1. tna4life says:

    I’m all for bringing in newer talent such as EC3 and the wolves. I think that TNA is in the process of building up their TAG division. Also why don’t TNA use the TV title belt as a sort of pruning ground for it’s future new stars as well as keeping things fresh with some of the more seasoned wrestlers.

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