Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 11, 2013
Major Breaking Updates On TNA’s Big PPV Overhaul

Major Breaking Updates On TNA’s Big PPV Overhaul

Here an an update on the themes for the upcoming taped “One Night Only” events for TNA which will be airing on the first first Friday night of months TNA is not broadcasting live PPV’s:

* TNA X-Travaganza, featuring the stars of the X-Division (airing in April, taping 1/13).

* TNA Joker’s Wild Tag Team Special, featuring enemies teaming and a Battle Royal final (airing in May, taping 1/13)

* TNA Hardcore Justice 2 – ECW reunion style “hardcore” show featuring hardcore stipulation matches bringing in ECW talents.

* TNA “10 Reunion” – Stars from the early days of TNA battling inside a Six-Sided ring.

* TNA Knockouts Knockdown – One night Knockout tournament with the first round being all stipulation matches and the final four in a “test of their stamina” to see who the final victor is.

* TNA International Incident – One night tournament featuring talent from ” United States, India, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Japan & the UK” with the winner earning a TNA title shot.

TNA X-Division World Cup Tournament – four teams of X-Division wrestlers in a one night tournament featuring singles, tag, six man and eight man tag bouts.

* TNA World Cup of Wrestling – Four teams, each captained by a TNA wrestler featuring a Heavyweight wrestler, a tag team and an X-Division wrestler battling in singles, tag and stipulation bouts. The finale will be a “two ring, triple chance Battle Royal.”

There are currently no confirmed taping dates yet for the specials beyond January.

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19 Responses to “Major Breaking Updates On TNA’s Big PPV Overhaul”

  1. incognitowolfe says:


  2. ramman4488 says:

    Pro wrestling has finally become a sport. TNA rocks!!!

  3. tna24 says:

    now that what i call fresh new ideas. i love it. tna going to do big things this year i can feel it. if you dont like it then you can stop watching tna

  4. Peckar says:

    I like it. It will have to make them more money than what they are pulling for ppvs now.

  5. hangers says:

    I like it alot, sounds really good..

  6. AussieWrestling says:

    With the first 2 being taped i really hope the others are live and/or being taped in other arenas apart from the impact zone.

    • AussieWrestling says:

      Did i really get thumbed down for hoping tna makes the one night only ppvs live and at different arenas other than the impact zone?…seriously….

      • Pippin0490 says:

        No, you got thumbed down because the first line of this article is:

        "Here an an update on the themes for the upcoming TAPED “One Night Only” events for TNA which will be airing on the first first Friday night of months TNA is not broadcasting live PPV’s"


  7. Leg Drop Jobber says:

    Wow. Going back to the ECW well, once again. I hope it's better than Hardcore Justice was.

  8. Dirk1n says:

    That's how they're getting out of the Destination X stipulation…
    I guess they'll work it in somewhere else, or just forget it happened

    • HolsG says:

      That's true, hopefully it'll go into the xtravaganza or Slammiversary or something. With so few ppv's now we can get a lot of great matches in it rather than the hit or miss 1 or 2

  9. Dan says:

    Looks fantastic!

  10. HolsG says:

    No idea how they're going to get 3hrs out of about 7 knockouts, generally good ideas, i like the idea of the reunion and can't wait for the xtravaganza

    • tna24 says:

      i think TNA know what it doing, i bet they would bring in other women for the show, just like they are bring in other people for TNA X-Travaganza

      • HolsG says:

        Would be good, especially with it being the debut of the shows to bring in more wrestlers specific to that area and carry on expanding

  11. Get_Carter says:

    This sounds good and the price is right – $14.95 usd. I'm digging the TV product right now but sometimes it's good for TNA to just go back to what it is best at – WRESTLING. No A&8s, no Brooke/Bully Ray. Just high flying wrestling.

  12. ariesstormjoe says:

    this is a good move for tna imo cos they are improving the structure of their product.

    i think dixie said at one time tho that its believed within tna the right number of ppvs is 8.

    so i expect them to up their ppv number in next few years. but for right now they've done good. making a number of different "special" shows. then see what works and what doesnt.

  13. JoeWrestling says:

    I like the idea. They lower the price point, and cut costs by taping, but make them themed shows so that it doesn't hurt they are taped or when you air them, and gives you something different. With only 4 big PPV's, perhaps US fans will actually considering buying 4 PPV's a year since that will getting all relevant PPV matches for the year, and I like they have announced all the dates in advance so people will know.

  14. Laker says:

    THIS IS THE TNA I KNEW. I hope I am not disappointed this year. Wishes to TNA!

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