Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 29, 2013
Major Update & Hints On TNA’s #August1Warning

Major Update & Hints On TNA’s #August1Warning

The following is a new tweet from the official Twitter page of the TNA mystery-man:

Package on it’s way to same location.



Follow future tweets from the TNA mystery-man on Twitter @August1Warning.

As noted earlier, Kurt Angle referenced the mystery man on Twitter today, posting:

ImpactWrestling Thursday Night Spike TV. 9 pm est. who is Aug 1st Warning? Tune In to See Who. I’m Curious!!
— Kurt Angle (@RealKurtAngle) July 29, 2013

After TNA’s website made references to tweets by Bob Holly and Adam Pearce related to August 1st and speculated that they could be the mystery man, Bob Holly, who appeared on the most recent TNA One Night Only PPV, replied with the following:

“No.. not me.. :-)”

Former TNA Gut Check contestant Adam Pearce tweeted the following over the weekend: “By the way, how many days til #August1?” In response to the TNA website article, the official Twitter account of #August1Warning tweeted on Monday:

“Congrats to @IMPACTWRESTLING on the detective work.”

Apparently one of the leading candidates is former TNA X-Division Champion Low Ki. According to one source, however, the former “Senshi” is absolutely not the voice behind the mysterious video clip.

Another top choice is Jeff Jarrett. Apparently the only active TNA wrestler following the “#August1Warning” mystery man is the co-founder of TNA iMPACT! Wrestling himself. Jarrett was also backstage at the recent TNA Destination X iMPACT! TV taping.

Other guesses, for those interested, include Hardcore Holly as noted above and John Morrison.

This Thursday, on TNA iMPACT! Wrestling, the guessing will cease, and the man will reveal himself. Until then, TNA promises to reveal a clue if the initial “#August1Warning” video reaches 250,000 views on their official YouTube channel.

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15 Responses to “Major Update & Hints On TNA’s #August1Warning”

  1. lee4tammy says:

    awesome kong

  2. Tiffanydude says:

    I wish it was Low-Ki or John Morrison but it's funny that Adam Pierce and Holly actually commented and are participating some way shape or form on this lol (Well to me it is)

  3. 1Risky1 says:

    Low-Ki wouldn't be a big deal, Morrison would

  4. Joe Rowlett says:

    I think its Shelton Benjamin… been linked in the past and was in ROH last I heard but haven’t heard anything about him in awhile….

  5. Jeremy says:

    The total package lex luger

  6. Stunner says:

    I want it to be D.O.C. I just pray its not something like bringing back D-Low Brown or something like that. I think it would be cool if it was an X-Division wrestler, the X-Division along with the KOs have been putting on some really good matches as of late.

  7. Peckar says:

    If its no one new, my guess, fail. Jarrett is definitely missing from tv, and we all love to hate him. But if its not Kevin Steen, I don't really care.

  8. tnadude says:

    It's not going to be anyone big because the push isn't big. Just a twitter thing that lasts a week. Whatever.

    And that's the problem with TNA. WWE would have on-air vignettes for a few weeks prior to the introduction. And what's sad is that I know this and I haven't watched WWE in close to 20 years! WCW did the same thing. They built suspense, and then they gave the wrestler a push to support it. TNA won't do it.

    I expect Adam Pierce or possibly DOC. Either will be jobbing in a month's time. Hopes aren't high for this one.

  9. Hulk hogan says:

    Its scott Steiner brothers.

    He has heat with us.

    He coul beat Batista

  10. brahbrah69 says:

    Wheres the idiot that always talks about goldberg? XD It's probably DOC Jarrett or the worst of worst kevin nash -_-

  11. UKTNAFAN says:

    It seems like he'll be on his own, against Aces & 8s and against MEM/ TNA

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