Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 25, 2014
Major Update On TNA’s TV Future – Which Network Is Interested?

Major Update On TNA’s TV Future – Which Network Is Interested?

As noted over the weekend, TNA is under the impression that Spike TV will not be renewing them past 2014, however they feel they have another television deal lined up.

According to recent reports, the network that has expressed interest in TNA is The Discovery Network’s VELOCITY channel, which is only available in 48 million homes and only in HD.

The key issue with the VELOCITY deal is that it is reportedly only worth under a quarter of what they earn in rights fees from Spike TV.

While TNA officials are reportedly relieved that they have at least another television option if Spike TV doesn’t work out, they are also reportedly disappointed in the financial offer that has been made. They also hope that this deal will lead to other potential partners contacting them in the near future, possibly with a better deal.

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21 Responses to “Major Update On TNA’s TV Future – Which Network Is Interested?”

  1. gfwjj says:

    IF The Discovery Network’s VELOCITY is all TNA can get then they are DEAD

  2. Mr. Excitement says:


    I don't have that channel. Not sure if it's even available where I am. lol

  3. Get_Carter says:

    I have actually never heard of that channel. I know it's not available on my cable service. If TNA signs this deal it's apparent that they are going to continue cranking out the programming for the international markets and ride out a tiny US distribution deal just to keep the company afloat. If TNA is cutting costs now I can't imagine them being able to hold onto any sort of roster after the Spike deal ends.

    • seabee44 says:

      why where are the wrestlers going to go roh not likely wwe not likely so your hopping for these guys to be out of work. nice work genius

      • obi1shinobi says:

        I get the feeling that Jeff Jarrett will sign a lot of the talent that TNA cuts once he gets GFW up and running. Until then, there's always the indies.

      • Get_Carter says:

        How is this me hoping the guys to be out of work? My concern is that the deal is for less than what they are receiving from Spike right now… reportedly 1/4th of the money. I never wished anyone on the TNA roster to be out of work.

  4. tna24 says:

    to be honest i never heard of this channel and i dont even know if i have it. if they go that way i have a feeling alot of people wont be happy. i guess ill be watching tna online unless a better network want in. come on not even tna old channel fox sports want in at least more people would have the channel and it not like fox sports have so much going on with them losing sport teams left and right

  5. VikingBlood says:

    I heard a major channel wants TNA. Just a rumble. Man would be nice on a big channel

  6. GlobalForceRising says:

    My advice to TNA is this: Take the offer for Velocity. Granted, the offer is extremely low, but they need to look at it from the networks point of view. TNA is a wrestling company that has shown ZERO growth in the past couple of years. They hover regularly at or around the 1.0 mark and have been there since 2011. They've cut the majority of their most marketable talents(AJ Styles, Sting, Bully Ray, and Kurt Angle is most likely on his way out shortly as well). What TNA has right now, for better or worse, is the equivelant of an indy promotion. There is room for growth on TNA's side, and if they show that they CAN grow, then the offers will increase over time. If they take the deal on a one year term, and then shoot to grow a larger audience over that time, then the next offer could be well worth it in the long run. It's like with any pro athlete. If a baseball player hits .230 with a couple of HR's over a 3 year span, no one is going to give them a huge contract. BUT, should they suddenly figure things out and turn in to a guy who hits .280+ with 15-20 HRs, the amount of money received will almost surely double or even triple.

    • Jon says:

      But what possible legitimate hope could there be for growth with Velocity? You covered quite a few reasons that's unlikely. And with just a quarter of the income from the TV partner, well which seems more likely: further cutbacks or Panda making up the difference? And just to break even on total audience they'd have to magically double the popularity of the show in the roughly half the homes that even have Velocity.

      Don't get me wrong, it's better than no deal at all … but not by much.

      • GlobalForceRising says:

        Perhaps that's what it's going to take. A deal like this will show the Carter family's TRUE intentions with TNA. If they are unwilling to put any more money into the company, then they should just cash out and sell now. We as fans have been saying for years now that TNA needs to get off of Spike, and now, like it or not, they appear to almost have to. Now it's up to the Carter's and what they want to do with the company. If they go to VELOCITY, put more money in to the product themselves, and strike on a solid formula, then they can grow their audience now. And even though VELOCITY "only" appears in 48 million homes, TNA averages about 1million a week. They may lose some viewers, true, but they may grow as well. Work a one year deal, see if they can grow the company, and then perhaps there'll be more deals available in the future.

    • Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

      I gotcha it's always better than no channel or going on weekly ppvs

      but the option to grow audience it's available only if Velocity will expand their signal

  7. Roid Master says:

    I'm sorry… I missed the article because a big f*cking vertical ad was in my way.

  8. BigAl says:

    i posted this news as a comment to one of your older stories before you guys posted this. Give me a job man.

  9. Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

    Networks need a new product .

    They need to copy Kudo orKarate
    They need to be more legit and attract other casual fighting sport fans

    In the 90's Hardcore was the attraction even for casual fans because it was cool and pretty hard stuff.
    nowadays other companies outside the E! need a radical change for TV
    stop comedy
    stop stupidskits
    Storylines 's got to be like UFC interviews .Storylines should be confined to extra ring( 5% of the product)

    • GlobalForceRising says:

      I agree with you. The skits and sideshows detract from the actual in ring product. TNA, a company that once ran an ad campaign stating that "wrestling matters", hardly ever has ACTUAL matches. Most last from 2-5 minutes, followed by 10 -20 minute skits where someone blabs their mouths. Fans are tired of it. Wrestling needs to get back to the days of letting the wrestlers tell the story in the ring. I don't need to see a 30 second skit of someone walking to the ring. That's a waste of time. And get rid of the whole heel "authority" schtick. It's old hat. Used to be the top heel in the company didn't need an authority figure to win matches. They did it with underhanded tricks and manager distractions. Now we've got guys who are "protected" by the boss(I'm looking at you WWE and Dixie Carter). What happened to the days of Ric Flair having a roll of quarters or brass knucks hidden in his trunks and using them to win a match? Fans want to hate guys because they cheat to win, not because they get special treatment. TNA should mix a bit of the old 1980's booking style(minus the campy acts and terrible characters) with a bit of the 90's extreme style. And for christs sake, ditch the screw job finishes!!!

  10. Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

    MMA copied personas from pro wrestling but they confined that aspect only for extra ring or when the match is over

    Alt.wrestling need great advertising to promote great fights promoting a nonstop action and not boring static fights

  11. Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

    I mean TNA nowdays is great (and i ve been watching TNA since day 1) but if they want to be a real option in this world i think now it's a turning point

    They even could work with a temponary network or just going to offer to other potential networks a different product that is about to change .

    A product that could attract fightingsports fans because it's staged but it's nonstop action and there's
    legit stiffness in there

    • Get_Carter says:

      I get your point – and it's a good one. However, TNA toyed with the idea of being more like MMA four or five years ago and they never did anything with it. I don't see Dixie Carter being open to such a drastic change like that. Wrestling still has to present a storyline and most wrestling is always storyline before action in the ring.

      • Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

        Ultimo Dragon is a Kudo master i would like to see more of that style on pro wrestling btw PW can still have storylines in the ring but i would like to see more Kicks and serious exchanges like in the old UWF (Japan)

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