Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 30, 2014
Major Update: Vince Russo’s TNA Firing & SpikeTV/TNA Talks

Major Update: Vince Russo’s TNA Firing & SpikeTV/TNA Talks

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As previously reported, Vince Russo is officially done with TNA. While Russo claims that it was suggested that he take a break from the company and quit, we can confirm that he was in fact fired by John Gaburick. According to one source, Gaburick jokingly suggested that TNA and Russo “no longer be involved”, but then got serious and fired him. Russo then used the “suggestion” part as the basis for his Twitter post.

As has been reported, Russo’s working with TNA was reportedly part of the problem with Spike TV. As of right now there is no new deal in place for iMPACT! but talks are ongoing. The source claims that no one in TNA’s office knew that the TMZ news report was coming because Spike hadn’t told any of them that the show wasn’t getting renewed.

TNA is not only in talks with Spike, but with other outlets as well. Talent agency UTA is handling the negotiations for TNA and reporting back to TNA’s offices. Dixie Carter is not personally involved in the talks.

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5 Responses to “Major Update: Vince Russo’s TNA Firing & SpikeTV/TNA Talks”

  1. Tiffanydude says:

    ……..For some reason I have a feeling that Russo will return in the near future. I mean he was "officially fired" a few years ago but apparently "Came back". I hope he is actually fired, his ideas were shit, and don't down vote me because everyone cheered when he "left" and for some reason everyone thought it was a good idea to want him back to only want him to fire him again, Fuck Russo.

    • jbcissom says:

      Not going to thumb you down, but I would like some conversation/debate if you will. I feel you if Russo is the end all, be all for creative. But if his role is minor, or there is an authoritative figure over him that will use that muscle/position, I'm ok with that. From my understanding, his most recent work with TNA was purely with the announcing team for SpikeTV broadcasts. If that is the complete truth, I personally don't see anything wrong with that.

  2. Kyle says:

    Just let go already. Since 2009, TNA has been baaaaaaaaD. And I’m speaking as a guy who loved, and untill last month, watched every episode.

  3. LoyalTNAFAN70 says:

    Some these website should at lease have get the facts from TNA office or spike TV before getting a story and running with it. Russo gone form TNA. We should wait till we hear from Dixie.

  4. LoyalTNAFAN70 says:

    I will wait till I hear from Dixie Carter herself she is a reliable source.

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