Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 15, 2013
Matt Hardy Offers Advice To The TNA Creative Team

Matt Hardy Offers Advice To The TNA Creative Team

The RCWR Show recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy, and he offered some advice for TNA’s creative team.

Hardy’s advice for TNA: “The first thing I would say to TNA is with your story telling and the personas and characters you are are telling stories for TV, be sophisticated. Make sure there’s continuity in every story you’re telling because the viewers are more intelligent in 2013 than they’ve ever been. There is so much information accessible to everyone who watches wrestling on TV. You can go online, you can Google anything. You can find out everything. So when you’re on there and you’re portraying a story of these two characters that are wrestling and ultimately it is good vs evil, you know, it is bad vs the hero and in this era of golden TV with shows like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, whatever the show is, wrestling repeats are bad which is good storytelling.

You have a specific universe. Walking dead, there’s a walking dead universe where zombies live, you know but the show sets up parameters and they give you rules and guidelines and you know kinda what the extent of the cast can be, and everything makes sense. Sure viewers watching it know this is a fictional show but as long as everything makes sense, there is continuity they enjoy it. Because viewers want to be entertained, That translates totally over into the wrestling business and it’s been tied to the wrestling business for so long that it’s just been like—well it’s just wrestling. We can either throw this out or forget about this, lets drop this storyline or lets not let this guy go away, what about the fans? They’ll forget about it, they’ll forget about it. You cannot insult the wrestling fans intelligence because they are smarter now than they were then. So professional wrestling, my advice to TNA would be make your stories as strong as possible and make sure there’s continuity. Don’t insult the viewer’s intelligence.”

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16 Responses to “Matt Hardy Offers Advice To The TNA Creative Team”

  1. andy3323 says:

    Hard to find any fault in his thoughts there. I can only assume that a lot of the people who grew up watching the Monday Night Wars back in the 90's like I did, throughout school, for the most part are hungry fans waiting for some awesome story lines that keep us guessing. It is harder to 'outsmart the viewer' after what we grew up watching and with the internet leaking so much information nowadays.

  2. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    I'm pretty certain this site posted this interview over 3 months ago.
    Can someone else confirm this?

  3. Misanthropic says:

    Um. I do not care what this hasbeen says.

  4. Misanthropic says:

    And wtf is a wwe pay per view being mentioned on a tna page. I get sick of wwe loving sites . Can’t there be a page where wwe is not talked as about? That is where the little boys play.

  5. JoeWrestling says:

    Not much point in these comments. Walking dead has a thousand plot and character flaws every episode. The only reason people watch it is because it has Zombies and I guess some of the actors aren't too bad. For example, the recent episode of walking dead has the final main event showdown with the lead bad guy and the lead good guy. It features the lead good guy getting pounded into the ground, ready to die. Then another couple bit character come up and finish off the bad guy from behind cowardly. The lead good guy, "bad ass" looked like garbage and would have died without help and could do nothing. They basically interfered in a fair fight and 3 on 1'd the guy. And the bad guy is scrawny and has only one eye left. So explain that Matt Hardy. It's basically just a popularity contest. You like walking dead, so you are going to ignore the crap. You don't care about TNA, so you are going to pick it apart. It's not that complicated.

  6. Misanthropic says:

    Right on JoeWrestling! Matt knows about how the iwc majority of sheep complain and to me he is just another hasbeen trying to get iwc support because he knows the iwc sheep will love him for it. Or will they? That is what he is trying to do. Its not his real opinion. Its his opinion based on the fact that he wants to be loved by the sheep part of iwc because sadly they are the majority.

  7. TheMiwyun says:

    Well said by Matt but why the hell don't Dixie Carter and co already know this? Fucking Dixie Land match? That's not creative at all. It's a cage match with a ladder after. TNA is going down the pan unless they pull there fingers out quickly.

  8. Misanthropic says:

    Really tna is going down? Internet marks are still saying this? No matter what tna does the internet sheeps will complain. I guess it comes with lack of patience. You think AJ is really gone? We all read the spoilers. you would enjoy tna if you were not so brainwashed by the internet wrestling community. And to these smarks out there that I bsse these words on. Get a life. Maybe if you had one you would enjoy TNA more and heck relate with some of the storylines. Maybe its you who is boring

  9. tnadude says:

    It's pretty simple advice, actually. It irritates the heck out of me that they expect us to fully invest in the Aces & 8s storyline, shove it down our throats for an inordinate amount of time with absolutely no payoff, then proceed to pi$$ all over it when the folks that started it left.

    To me, that was as much an insult to the fans as it was the Hogan/Bischoff/Pritchard regime…

  10. incognitowolfe says:

    this isn't bad,not bad at all.

  11. hangers says:

    I'd like to see Matt back in TNA and teaming with Jeff to try and re-invigorate the tag division..

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