Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 27, 2012
Matt Morgan Being Kept Off TNA TV

Matt Morgan Being Kept Off TNA TV

While Matt Morgan has re-signed with TNA and has made some house show appearances, there are no plans for him to be brought back to TV in the immediate future.

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9 Responses to “Matt Morgan Being Kept Off TNA TV”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:

    Then what was the point of his "surprise" appearance at the house show?

    If TNA wanted to show anything can happen at house shows, they would have discussed his house show appearance on Impact.

  2. Gary says:

    Unless he’s with aces & 8 keep him off t v I don’t think he’s that good on the mic or in the ring?????? In other words BORING

  3. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Return at BFG and win the TV Title ?

  4. Sa7827 says:

    Maybe he’s going to be in aces & eights.

  5. whatsup121 says:

    The blueprint Matt Morgan the DNA of TNA as the world heavy weight champion ?

  6. Ultimate_X says:

    "you bring your hardest two guys, and we'll send ours"
    i can see morgan being involved somehow

  7. It factor says:

    I think he will be the partner of sting at BFG against aces & 8’s

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