Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 4, 2013
Matt Striker Claims He Doesn’t Watch TNA

Matt Striker Claims He Doesn’t Watch TNA

As noted earlier here on the website, Matt Striker offered a suggestion for RAW to showcase unsigned talent. He tweeted Thursday, “Can the 1st hr of RAW be interactive ? 4-6 unsigned talent. Whomever has the most votes gets a match at the end of hour 1. Win n come back.”

One of his followers stated that his suggestion appears similar to TNA Wrestling’s “Gut Check” concept on iMPACT! Wrestling. Striker replied, “I dont watch, sadly, so I dont know if they are- good for them. A lot of good unsigned talent. WWE would make it unique tho.”

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17 Responses to “Matt Striker Claims He Doesn’t Watch TNA”

  1. pepsilover2008 says:

    If he doesn't watch it, how would he know if wwe were making it unique?

  2. dcxboxx says:

    its not stealing a tna idea if anything tna are stealing a wwe idea with the gutcheck. its called tough enough (mainly the last version as they only had contestents with pro wrestling backgrounds)

    • tna24 says:

      actually do you know what tough enough is? gut check and tough enough are two different things.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Big difference there… Tough Enough actually has/had (idk i haven't seen it since it first aired) a requirement of no formal training in wrestling. All people from tough enough were people who were completely untrained and had little to no knowledge of the business.

      Gut check on the other hand is Indy wrestlers that agents have hand picked to showcase their talent. In a sense Gut Check is simply a dark match just advanced further.

      • dcxboxx says:

        last tough enough searched out indy wrestlers people with backgrounds not any indy guys so much with names though who were considered stars, those would just go to dev of course . also nxt was pretty much the same concept but as a reality type show but it had its own hour. (the original nxt)

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      tough enough and gutcheck are very different concepts.

      tough enough is a reality based show. you could liken tna's new british bootcamp show to tough enough as that is a reality based show too.

      but gutcheck? thats using a concept they used on the road anyway. and they've put it on to tv. its still probably got a reality based concept to it despite what christian york says but still its something not really done before.

      its peaking behind the curtain as dixie carter puts it. cos we're seeing how tna do hire talent except its put on tv. they use the same sort of concept on the road except without the judges. but they are reviewing a match an indy guy has had.

  3. tna24 says:

    who give two fs. can we stop caring about if tna or wwe copy a idea. ideas have been copy for years. who give a f anymore.

  4. Peckar says:

    Who cares if he does or doesn't watch. Gutcheck has just about run its course anyway.

  5. tna24 says:

    wrestling is at the point i believe where ideas of new things are limited. so what wwe and tna are doing is if they see one other have a nice fresh idea, they will do the same with their own mix. AJ style segment=john cena, aries=CMpunk As and 8s= the shield this guys idea=gut check. open fight night= championship night

  6. Dante_Cross says:

    Only thing I really take regard to is the fact that his arrogance for WWE showed with that last line, where he pretty much said "I don't know what they're doing, but WWE would do it better anyways".

  7. TheFurnitureom says:

    Thanks Matthew, might want to add TNA to your LinkedIn at the least, because when your current employers want a fresh approach and dump you it's in your best interests to understand and appreciate an industry exists outside your universe.


  8. Big t mass says:

    Doesnt watch yeah right

  9. Sunny says:

    Who is Matt Striker?

  10. Treck says:

    Yeah who is this Matt Striker? Name sounds like an 80’s jobber

  11. Tim says:

    They should show British boot camp in the us! Thoughts?

  12. JoeWrestling says:

    Again we are playing games. Who knows if Striker watches it. If the person who gave him that idea watches it, it's the same thing really. End result is we know someone there watches it and takes ideas, and we know people there are told to watch the competition, so it's nonsense.

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