Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 6, 2013
Meet Mick Foley, Goldberg vs. Hulk Hogan Anniversary

Meet Mick Foley, Goldberg vs. Hulk Hogan Anniversary

— Patrick Michael of Yahoo! Sports has published an article counting down the top ten brothers in the history of professional wrestling. Among those ranked are Harlem Heat, the Guerreros, the Von Erichs and the Steiner Brothers.

To read the article, click here.

— Mick Foley will appear at this Thursday’s Quad Cities River Bandits game taking place at Modern Woodmen Park 209 S. Gaines St. Davenport, Iowa. (Event Information)

— Today marks as the fifteenth anniversary of the historic encounter between Goldberg and Hollywood Hogan, which saw Goldberg defeat the legendary wrestler for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in front of more than 40,000 fans in the Georgia Dome. WWE is recognizing the anniversary of the match as its website has posted the bout in its entirety. WWE is calling it “the most important match in WCW Nitro history.”

On October 8, WWE will release a DVD and Blu-ray compilation of Goldberg’s biggest matches.

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6 Responses to “Meet Mick Foley, Goldberg vs. Hulk Hogan Anniversary”

  1. Steven kelly says:

    To me goldberg has never been booked right and has never had any significant or memorable rivalries bt thats just my view

  2. TheMiwyun says:

  3. JoeWrestling says:

    Dudley boyz.. duh.. duh.. don't be hate'n on the brothus from duh different muthus.

  4. Scorpdeathdrop says:

    i dont understand why this would be WCW's most important match.. I mean I get that it is a big deal when Hogan actual jobs to someone especially someone as young in the biz as Goldberg, but cmon right?

  5. AussieWrestling says:

    I was pretty young back when Nitro was the highest rated wrestling program but wasn't Sting vs Hogan WCW's most important match?

    Edit: Sorry thought it said WCW's most important match not Nitros most important match and I know Hogan vs Goldberg was on nitro and Sting vs Hogan was at Starrcade. My fault.

  6. Slug says:

    And guess how Bill Goldberg is celebrating…lighting up a cigar with a hundred dollar bill and kicking it in Southern California with wrestling being the last thing on his mind. All it was for him was a pay day and never gave a rats ass about the business.

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