Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 8, 2013
More On AJ Styles’ New Contract With TNA Wrestling

More On AJ Styles’ New Contract With TNA Wrestling

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

In regards to the report about AJ Styles signing a three-month extension with TNA that will take him out until the end of 2013, his original contract called for “raises each year.”

The new contract they were offering to Styles reportedly called for no raises and locked him in at his current salary with financial cost-cutting taking place within the company right now.

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58 Responses to “More On AJ Styles’ New Contract With TNA Wrestling”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    So he got raises for 5 years straight. Clearly he is supporting his family with his pay. Why does he need another 5 raises?? Don't bite the hand that feeds you, AJ.

    • WARISNAUGHTY says:

      I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but still, needs to be said. Why does he need another 5 raises? Well for a start, I doubt he is earning anywhere near a mid carder in WWE despite being one of the top three most valuable wrestlers the company has EVER had. Take you wouldn't push for the same deal, no I'm sure you are well above that. Loyalty should be rewarded and it is well documented he has had other offers to leave. He would be what people class as a strategic cost, he can be on top for another 5 years and one of the few wrestlers in that company that draw outside of the TNA name. Above all else it would hurt TNA to lose him so I would go further and say he deserves double whatever he is being offered. Felt this way about Roode at the time, would feel the same about Austin Aries.

      • Vampirofan says:

        AJ should be offered a raise. He's earned it every year. It's not his fault the company aren't pushing him with good storylines and a title run. Yet. _

      • OldManEaston says:

        Although TNA is a private company that guards their "secrets" more than the non-federal FED, tidbits do get leaked and reported from time to time. It has been reported that AJ makes around 300,000 dollars a year MAX potential. That would put him around the bottom 3rd of WWE's mid-carder downside agreements (meaning that is the absolute lowest they make).

        That is pretty crappy for a guy who has loyally given TNA the best years of his career, when outsiders like Hardy, Angle, RVD, Sting and Hogan came in and automatically received more without doing anything to bolster TNA;s ratings, ticket sales or ppv buys. to be honest, you can't blame him for "being about the money" this time around if he can get it. He only has so many more years left to earn all that he can get.

        • jbcissom says:

          I agree with what you said about Hardy, RVD, and Hogan, but Sting and Angle have helped TNA in so many ways. Spike picked up TNA because it signed Sting for crying out loud. TNA would not be in the position it is in if it still aired on Fox Sports Net.

          • OldManEaston says:

            Sure, but that still has to get in the craw of a guy like AJ who has been there from day one, and without whom there wouldn't even be a TNA today (it would never survived if it was just totally the Jeff Jarrett show and they didn't have that one identifiable TNA guy that was being built as the future).

          • jbcissom says:

            Which this is what leads to my beef about TNA. Sting was crowned the Franchise of WCW because Ric Flair and the 4 Horsemen helped put him on that pedestal, and he never left for "greener" pastures.

            TNA has had several opportunities to do that with AJ… has literally started down that road, only to stop mid-process and start something freaking brand new.

          • Vampirofan says:

            Its all about the beef!!!!

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        Because the costs of living increase every single year. How would you feel if your costs of living increased every year but your pay stayed the same. Most companies offer yearly raises, with some offering more than others. It wouldn't be fair on him if he worked another 5 years on the same pay, had his expenses go up, and yet continually made the same amount of money.

        I personally find my bills increasing steadily every single year. In fact this past year my electric bill doubled, even though usage remained the same… Even my gas bill doubled this past year compared to last year.

      • tnadude says:

        How can you say he is worth double when you have no idea what he is offered.

        Put bluntly, he's worth less than 50% of what he daws. With marketing costs as they are, it's probably significantly less than 50%.

        Was he offered enough? I don't know. But then again, neither do you.

    • MonkeyWrestling says:

      I agree with AJ he is making a way for other wrestlers to get more money

    • Sturk says:

      DUMB DUMB DUMB!! He get raises because he deserves it and it's in his contract. Don't speak on another mans contract dealings. WTH is going on in this internet era? This is crazy.

  2. ricky_No1 says:

    I totally agree with you. My guess is Hogans pay check is a great deal bigger than hes too and he does nothing for the company. Makes no sense.

    • OldManEaston says:

      $75,000 an appearance with extra for PPV is what has been going around for a while now in relation to Hogan. I believe TNA did ask him to take a pay cut at one point, but you can bet the farm, brother, that Hogan still makes a hell of a lot more than AJ Styles and likely anyone else in TNA, BROTHER! That is if he worked just half of the Impact tapings.

      • tnadude says:

        40k is what I've heard.

      • piperfan says:

        35,000 per appearance

        • oh0K says:

          IIRC way back when hh, eb, and flair got signed, that spike had signed them on, and they had guaranteed contracts through spike….

          If this is the case why does it matter how much they make? Like it or not Hogan and Eric, got spike to support for live shows, and to take the show on the road, which is the two main things they need / needed to get the company going, blaming them for it taking all these years t get that support to go on the road, and go live is a bit foolish.

  3. Stunner says:

    If TNA is having financial troubles which I seriously doubt, how about give talent more options as it relates to their company that they are employed with.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      why do you "seriously doubt" that they're having financial trouble?

      • Vampirofan says:

        Why do you write pointless comments?

        • Bigmike885 says:

          Why do you care? It's a freaking message board.Sent from my iPhone

        • Sturk says:

          TNA isnt having financial issues. NObody told you they were except wrestling sites who post w/e they want. No fact behind them. TNA has been having financial issues since forever leave it to dirt sheets lol. Dixie already confirmed that rumor was false.

          • Bigmike885 says:

            well considering there are actual site that can get REAL info..because they know people who actually know this stuff..i'll take their word over yours..

          • Sturk says:

            I at no point told you my opinion. I told you what DIXIE AKA the OWNER said. I'll take her word over theirs.

          • Bigmike885 says:

            Really? You're going to take the word of a CEO regarding profit? SmartSent from my iPhone

          • Sturk says:

            Yes, it's HER company!!!

          • Bigmike885 says:

            Yes. And the fact that she doesn't release numbers tells anyone with a brain that they are at least not making money of not losing. If they were turning a profit try would tout it.Sent from my iPhone

          • Sturk says:

            Besides that, people RELEASE wrestlers all the time. Why does it mean "financial trouble" because TNA releases wrestlers? Companies RELEASE people all the time. Doesnt mean "TROUBLE" just means they're trying to keep meeting the company goals as it concerns their bottom line (Income).

      • Dennis D says:

        I think you have drank the dirt sheet Kool-Aid like most people and automatically assume that TNA has financial issues due to their recent releases. The dirt sheets don’t even have proof that TNA is having troubles, TNA is private, and as a private company, they have the right to keep their paper work… well, PRIVATE.

        In regards to the releases, Joey Ryan, Morgan, York, Brooke, etc. These were all just yearly spring cleaning. WWE does this as well (it rarely makes headline news due to WWE’s size). It’s smart business to release guys that your creative team has no immediate plans to utilize. A vast majority of these releases were lower to midcard guys, or guys with dead end characters. Their absence have not and won’t affect the company in any negative way. If TNA hadn’t released these guys, they’d be paying travel and expenses for guys that they did not need at that particular moment. (Again, WWE does this.. again, SMART business).

        Saying that TNA has financial issues is misguided and more than obviously not true. TNA isn’t rolling in piles of money and doesn’t have as deep of pockets as WWE, but (in Dixie’s words) they are NOT losing money.

        • Bigmike885 says:

          of course Dixie isn't going to admit they're losing money…they're looking for sponsers and possibly a new network (or backers?)..I'm not saying they're losing money, but you don't have any info disuputing it as much as I do saying they are.

  4. Euphoria says:

    OldManEaston. I doubt th as t is true about his salary. But I do agree he should be payed more than the names you mrntioned.

  5. Euphoria says:


  6. Mr. Excitement says:

    If A.J. was making $300K a year that's pretty good. Considering TNA has a much smaller schedule than the WWE and TNA makes hardly anything compared to the big empire.

    • OldManEaston says:

      Depends on what TNA offers in travel and expense compensation (especially now that they are on the road all the time). At one time they provided travel, transportation and affordable hotel accommodations. That was said to have ended several years ago though and there hasn't been any word lately what they do now for talent.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      yes..300k is really good…for a normal joe..but i'm sure he's looking at guys, who are a lot less talented then he, and a LOT less important to the company, in wwe, making a LOT more money then he is and wondering "why not me?" Why should I "stay loyal" to TNA when I constantly get underused? Maybe in his mind, if he goes to WWE, then comes back, he'll finally get the push he deserves…seemed to work for others

      • tnadude says:

        300k is not that much when you consider that he can't sustain it until retirement and could get hurt at any point.

        As for WWE, the life expectancy is even shorter, so I wouldn't bet his life earnings is actually less.

        Put simple, neither check is that appealing to me.

        • Bigmike885 says:

          See. That's the thing with pro wrestling. You take what you can when you can. The reason you stated is exactly why i wouldn't be mad seeing him to go wwe. He'd probably make more there in a year then he did in 3 in tna (guessing.) in this business loyality is all nice And good. But in the end aj has to do what's best for aj and his family. Sent from my iPhone

          • Vampirofan says:

            Yeah. Same could be said for Sting. Wonder why he never went to WWF…? Because he didn't want to!!! Just because AJ would make more money doesn't mean he wants to go. Dumbass.

          • Bigmike885 says:

            how do you know he doesn't want to go? Do you know him…oh and your sting argument is stupid as he made as much money in WCW as he would have in WWE..and he made TONS of money in TNA for a cupcake schedule…Styles is at every tv taping, every house show, every overseas show (People may not want to see this, but TNAs schedule is getting bigger and bigger by the week, its not as small as it used to be) He could do the same schedule in WWE and make so much more money. But I forgot..youre a close personal friend with AJ and you know what he wants..right?

          • Vampirofan says:

            I never said I knew what AJ wanted. And I'm pretty sure Sting could get way more money and a light schedule with the WWF now but he still hasn't gone anywhere. The point I'm making is that just because AJ could definitely make more money at the WWF doesn't mean that he will go. That's all.

      • Mr. Excitement says:

        Yes, but the 'talent' level isn't what makes a company money. It's how appealing they are to the crowd. Look at John Cena for example. He pretty much is the entire package minus exciting wrestling skill.

        He's a brawler in the ring with some basic submission holds. He can talk on the mic, get the crowd emotionally involved (cheers/boos), sell tons of merchandise, gets involved with charity related stuff and works his butt off for the position he has in the company.

        A.J. can wrestle and is exciting to watch. But does he bring money into the company? From what we see with ratings, no wrestler in TNA is bigger than the company.

        • Bigmike885 says:

          I totally agree man. But my response was a response to all those “aj should stay loyal” guys on here He has to do what's financially responsible for his family That's who his loyalty really falls toSent from my iPhone

  7. The Boss says:

    How can AJ complain about $300,000 a year when most Americans are struggling just to put food on the table because of this horrible Obama economy? Maybe he would prefer to get $216 a month in unemployment. Lets see him stretch that out.

    • Leg Drop Jobber says:

      Most Americans aren't professional wrestlers. You are an idiot! Obama economy? You mean America's economy? It was like this when your good buddy Bush was in office too, dumbass.

    • JoeWrestling says:

      Yes, Obama did it. I guess you missed what Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush did to the economy to get here.

  8. godoftna says:

    AJ should get a new 5 year deal that provides an immediate raise to his current salary(say 10% what he currently makes), and then profit sharing based raises each year after that. If the company turns a solid profit, AJ gets a raise(say 5%). If the company doesn't turn a profit, or at least a sizable profit, he doesn't get a raise. It'd be a contract that'd be a benefit for both sides no matter what happens.

  9. Euphoria says:

    By the way spike tv is paying Hogan. Sting and the MMA guys salary. Look it up.

  10. Cam says:

    Ok, I highly doubt AJ is making $300,000 a year. Maybe $75,000 or $100,000 but $300,000? Come on. That would classify as a big contract in which Spike TV fronts most of the money for big contracts, which reports( which you also stated AJ making $300,000 was a report) the only top contracts are Angle, Hardy, Sting, Hogan and Bischoff. All of which Spike is fronting most of the bill with Spike and Bellator paying for Tito and Rampage. Second Devon and Bully make around $250 to $300k in TNA, why would AJ be making the same if not more? Trust, TNA ain’t paying that kinda money to home grown talent otherwise AJ would have been cut or reports about him taking a pay cut like D’Lo was said to have done

  11. AussieWrestling says:

    "TNA IMPACT WRESTLING gets insane rating in Japan on Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV) it was the most watched show on television in Japan this past Saturday ( 8.17.13 ) night! 49.5 million viewers , that is nearly half of the Japan population of 127.8 million"

    With this I think TNA can afford to give Styles a bit more 🙂

  12. OldManEaston says:

    Yep, just like 19 million people out of 22 million in Australia, watched TNA.

    Some folk'll mever eat a skunk, but then again some folk'll, like KENT JONES, the slack-jawed yokel.


    • AussieWrestling says:

      I believe that the 19 million was the total number of overall views since TNA has aired on fuel tv, thus the nights instead of night.

      • OldManEaston says:

        That is not what the article claimed. It stated and I quote:

        "TNA IMPACT WRESTLING delivered 20.1 million viewers on Saturday ***hts at 8 :30pm AEST on Fuel TV . Thats up from last week on Fuel TV."

        It is obviously absurd and so blatantly untrue that it is not even worth a dignified response.

        Are you affiliated with that garbage dump of a site? Is it Kent "the slack-jawed yokel" Jones coming out directly with the crap, or are you guys just giving that village idiot a platform to to talk out of his ass?

        • Vampirofan says:

          Calm down! What does it matter what a website or Kent says? Leave him alone you bully.

          • OldManEaston says:

            What are you, three? It's a bunch of BS is why it matters. As far as being calm, I think you misinterpret laughing because it is so ridiculous, to somebody being mad.

          • Vampirofan says:

            You're coming across as bitter. What I'm saying is that there's so much BS going round that you're better off just ignoring them. And I'm not three. I don't know how many three year olds you know but I wouldn't be able to form these sentences if I was three. If you want to insult me that's fine just use legitimate ones please.

  13. quote_the_raven says:

    get rid of the waste of money hogan, and some of the has beens and the never will be,s and you could afford guys like AJ and the rest of the original TNA locker room, the guys who have been there from day 1 through all the bad times,and never gave up. Everything hogan has tried to do with TNA has cost them money, get rid of him.

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