Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 22, 2012
More On Alex Shelley Leaving TNA Wrestling

More On Alex Shelley Leaving TNA Wrestling

As previously reported, Alex Shelley is leaving TNA when his contract is up, which should happen shortly. It was reportedly his call to not renew.

WWE is looking at building up their cruiserweight roster, either for the new cruiserweight show planned for the WWE Network or for their weekly shows. While nothing is confirmed, Shelley will likely end up in WWE

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45 Responses to “More On Alex Shelley Leaving TNA Wrestling”

  1. UCEAD11 says:

    See ya……He will find the grass isnt always greener on the other side. In fact, after you get your money u get used then pushed aside. sounds like a street walker to me.

  2. dilligaf2010 says:

    that's f'd up….no more MCMG damn

  3. JustBringIt says:

    This is what happens when you push aside talented wrestlers for crap like Garrett Bischoff.
    Hogan & Bischoff need to leave, talents are frustrated & are not renewing their contracts and ratings are going down… that says it all.

  4. Laker says:

    Another great talent leaving WTF.First TNA loses Anthony , then Morgan, then Flair, and now Shelley. Tony Nese and Alex Shelley are great wrestlers that could have potentially been the future of TNA. It sucks that Dixie doesn’t know what real wrestling is about. Probably by the end of the night Hulk Hogan, his daughter, and Eric Bishoff will be leaving with most of the check. C’mon Dixie realize that wrestling matters in Impact Wrestling not this frick’n fame.Use the money on talent and ads not on people that fans do not want to see.

  5. Pippin0490 says:

    Massive loss for TNA in my opinion. Shelley is one of the most talented wrestlers with TNA. I would guess he is fed up of being underused for 95% of his long TNA Career. Add Shelley to the list of people that should have been used better by TNA and are, alas, no longer there, such as Sonjay Dutt (shouldn't just be in ring ka king), Jay Lethal, Low-Ki, Amazing Red, Petey Williams and more.

    Feel free to add more former TNA wrestlers (or current ones) that should have been used better if you want.

  6. JDboulder says:

    Austin Aries is happy, Bobby Roode is happy, Kaz is happy, Daniels is happy, Joe is happy, Abyss is happy, AJ is happy, Storm is happy,… HOW MANY TNA ORIGINALS DO U WANT HOGAN AND ERIC TO MAKE HAPPY..???? They ALL cant be pushed to the moon.. I think Hogan and Eric have done a great job, internet fans want to blame EVERYTHING short of 9/11 on those two…

  7. bearsfolife says:

    Horrible news for TNA. Shelley is a great talent and TNA has been under-utilizing him for quite some time. Sabin is back and MCMG hasn't been used much. Instead they keep pushing Garret Bitchoff and now Brooke Hogan on us. What a disgrace by TNA. Better get Kid Kash back into the fold. Don't let another one go TNA.

    • andy3323 says:

      MCMG got pushed into a title match as soon as they were both healthy……I don't recally seeing Garrett the last week or two, I think this is just a matter of someone seeing the dollar signs and it was his choice not to resign.

      Personally, pick up someone like Morrison to put into the x-division or one of many other talents out there that some of us may not even be very aware of as a casual fan of wrestling and the roster will be fine.

      • Dick C. Carter says:

        Garrett was in that retarded "Fight night battle royal" just last week. You don't even remember? Do you even watch Impact? Stupid argument.

        • andy3323 says:

          You would know a stupid argument, wouldn't you?

          Anywho, ok let me word that better…..I haven't seen him featured, a.k.a. on a mic in the middle of the ring or backstage segments solely on him. He is on the blasted roster for cryin' out loud so yes, he wrestles. But he didn't win and he wasn't a centerpiece.

          Face it, if his dad had never been in the wrestling business and Garrett came along but Shelley had a dad who had been in the spotlight in WCW, WWE, and TNA, you would be all over Shelley and yelling for them to push young talent like Garrett. No doubt about it.

          The same people who yell 'push homegrown young talent!' when they bring in proven wrestlers or veterans yell when it isn't the homegrown young talent they prefer and yell 'why are you pushing him?!?'

          • Dick C. Carter says:

            Yes. I would know a stupid argument, thanks to inter-nerds like yourself clogging up message boards with absolute gibberish.

            Face it. It's taken Alex Shelley SEVERAL YEARS to get to the level of talent he has achieved. I actually don't WANT to have a problem with Bischoff, but the guy is SO FREAKIN GREEN that COWS MISTAKE HIM FOR GRASS.

            At this point, the only thing I find myself yelling at TNA is "ANOTHER FALSE FINISH?" and "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS THINKING?" I don't think the problem is really the roster. They just have people that CAN NOT BOOK GOOD WRESTLING.

          • Pippin0490 says:

            "Face it, if his dad had never been in the wrestling business and Garrett came along but Shelley had a dad who had been in the spotlight in WCW, WWE, and TNA, you would be all over Shelley and yelling for them to push young talent like Garrett. No doubt about it. "

            Interesting point, I get what you're putting across. But I respectfully disagree.

            It's down to talent, not contacts. If Garrett was as talented as Alex Shelley I wouldn't have a problem with his push.

            Also, experience. Shelley has been around for a while and has "paid his dues" so to say.

            If Shelley was the son of someone in Eric Bichoff's possition, but still had his talent and experience I would still root for him. Likewise if Garrett had Shelley's talent and experience I probably wouldn't have a problem with him.

            But it's all hypotheticals and hard really to know what it would be like if your suggestion was the case.

  8. DJBIGCG says:

    Dang that's messed up. So it looks like morgan might leave tna and the same goes with shelly flair those x division cats etc… and maybe even sabin. This looks like a bad road tna is going down right now but you never know what can end up happening

  9. Kellz_Elite says:

    Hate to see you go but i'll live…what else can MCMG do they havent already done…them(as a group) was past there prime anyway. Well, hopefully they can make up for it with the new talent they plan on bringing in.(hopefully some new X-division guys pop up)

    side note…Shelly probably didn't resign b/c he had to take a pay cut…so i can understand Shelly

  10. 2blackbelts says:

    Alex and Chris are both great guys, as I have worked with them backstage. I wish Alex the best, as he deserves it. You can't fault a man for trying to better his career and life.

    2 bb

  11. pacojerte says:

    Dont do the same with Sabin I miss the Cradle Shock. but WWE is starting to do what it did to be on top steal the Talent TNA get out of Florida that makes it easier for the E to get your guys

  12. pepsilover2008 says:

    If history has said anything before most tna talents go to wwe and come back, I just wish him good luck with his career

  13. CaptainN says:

    Sad to see as TNA takes a step forward by going LIVE ,talents will bring negative news right back around to TNA. Flair acting like an a$$ after Dixie let him go to WWE to get an award shows what kind of person he is. Shelley leaving is worse because he is talented but there is nothing concrete about him going to WWE. Even if he does, he knows he won’t be a star over there. And if Morgan wants to leave, let him. TNA needs to bring in more Indy guys and more names like Batista,Morrison,Helms,Goldberg,Sid Vicious etc to get people talking again. Let these guys go if they are not happy. Flair doesn’t bring anything anyway anymore, he doesn’t even wrestle. Morgan did more in India then he did his whole time in TNA, and Shelley, half the new fans don’t even know him he’s been gone so long.

  14. tna24 says:

    i hate to see this. but really he hasnt been use at all the past year when Chris was hurt. he had that short run but that it and other then that little title match he had nothing going on with tna. i bet he left because eric and hulk are fing things up. plus there no x division all. it died since Austin been feuding with bully ray. now days less and less of people who started in tna are left. but hey at least tna saves money with ric gone

  15. tna24 says:

    i will always remember Alex as a guy who started out in tna as a camera man. miss those days

  16. BuffaloNY92 says:

    This is bad news and a massive loss to TNA but I don't blame him…. I wouldn't want to work with Hogan and Bischoff either.

  17. nWo_rules says:

    Does Shelley remembers waht happened with Chris Harris,Kazarian.went to WWE for green grass but had to return to TNA.
    Well anyway,I think that at some point of time majority TNA stars like Bob van dam,Hardy,Morgan,Hogan and all will return to WWE.
    But the real pioneers of TNA will always be in TNA like AJ Styles,Daniels,Joe,Jeff Jarrett,Sting,James Storm,Robert Roode.They are the reason why I will always be loyal to TNA.

  18. destroyer_v39 says:

    That's what TNA gets for using Hulk Hogan in the TV spotlight. Face it loyal TNA fan TNA is dead with Hogan running the show and that's the truth. WWE ALL THE WAY. I'll still watch both company. Just get's me pissed off how they fire TNA orgiginals and what do they do hire a Former WWE wrestler who doesn't have youth which doesn't bring anything to the company. Disappointed at the way TNA direction is going.

  19. The Truth says:

    Good luck WWE is tough on drug test no way this guy will not have THC! WWE will fire his ass.

  20. rawuncutnxrated says:

    Since Raw is going to 3 hours, perhaps this is the start of something with that? I mean, somehow WWE decided to become Nitro and a staple of Nitro was the cruiser weights.

    I wish him the best, Shelley was an excellent performer in ROH & TNA. Very innovative. Should be interesting to see if/how they use him. If it doesn't work out I'm sure he'll bounce back somewhere else. Nothing wrong with trying your luck & getting the pay day.

  21. HolsG says:

    Sad to lose MCMG, Alex's facebook said he was retiring because his body can't take it. Thought/hoped it was a fake account but he said this at the weekend 🙁

  22. RealCreative says:

    This is how Vince slowly kills his competiition………the old TNA with 6 sides was what got me back into wrestling…but now its slowly becoming the new W C W or W W E ….keep it original guys & be different

  23. JeffandJoker says:

    So in the past few weeks. . . . . .

    Ric Flair, Alex Shelley, and Matt Morgan have all seen the end of TNA. I know that Matt Morgan could resign but if the WWE is really interested he won't be back.

    and to replace them TNA has signed a MMA fighter who hasn't EVER wrestled !!!!

    Guess we the fans are getting screwed !!!!!

  24. Mutter5 says:

    Gutted….. Sad to see an end to MCMG's what's gonna happen to Chris?

    As long at TNA continue to employ EY I will watch. EY for me is the main reason I watch TNA now.
    Give him the TV title back.

  25. tnadude says:

    MCMG matches were always entertaining. I hope Shelley isn't retiring and moves to greener pastures. MCMG was under-utilized since Saban returned.

    Now we know why. At least there was a reasonable business decision, even if retaining him would have been preferable.

    In the meantime, TNA needs to focus on its core. No need to run around and sign talent. Continue to mold the ones you have. I'm loking forward to Storm's return. I have a suspicion he may wind up WC very soon. Regardless, TNA has been doing a nice job lately with it's talent. A shame MCMG didn't cash in on it.

  26. stocksharkbite says:

    Seriously losing Alex Shelley isnt that big of a deal come on what has he been doing on the shows lately NADA NADA damn thing get REAL!! Losing someone like Angel big deal Shelley is to vannila to matter!

  27. Not WWE……ugh 🙁 WWE sucks. But he isn't being used in TNA so might as well. But then again, the MCMG just got back together!!! UGH!!! Alex Shelly has been one of my favorites every since the paparazzi days

  28. Drey says:

    No one can disagree with me… Shelley was always in the shadow of Sabin, now Shelley is gone, Sabin will get the push that reportedly TNA have wanted to give him for years

  29. TNA screws up again. No surprise there. Cant wait to see him on the cruiserweight show where he can flourish and earn big $$$ which he deserves.

  30. hahahaha says:


  31. sman22682 says:

    Sad to see Alex go. RIP MCMG. I really thought they were going come back stronger once both healed up. I thought maybe the writers were just waiting for them and put them back in the title picture again. But then again… I mean its not like TNA has a plethora of Tag Teams on their roster.

    I really saw MCMG – given their personalities, comedic timing with the quips, and wrestling ability- they could have been the next anti-establishment group like DX.

    I just hope that they handle Chris Sabin better. I would love to see him back in the X-Division or TV title picture. The Sabin of 06-07.

  32. MYO716 says:

    When does Sabin's contract expire? Because if its soon I could see WWE bringing them in.

  33. A_Double says:

    Best of Luck Shelley. I hope you can get through FCW to the main roster without having your raw talent too diluted.

  34. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    Never thought i'd see someone like Shelley leaving, I thought he was a TNA guy through and through. Still, who knows the circumstances…

  35. luanna kielty says:

    alex cant leave i loved him and he was the and why is he leaving

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