Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 3, 2012
More On Dropping Pay-Per-View Events

More On Dropping Pay-Per-View Events

TNA has officially cancelled the February Against All Odds PPV. The plan is to also drop the September Nu Urnder PPV as well, but that is not 100% at this time.

The idea is to not run monthly PPV just because they have been doing so for years, and to take those two PPVs away in order to build to Lockdown and Bound for Glory, which are usually the top shows of the year for TNA.

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16 Responses to “More On Dropping Pay-Per-View Events”

  1. Stunner says:

    Great move and I’m a WWE fan, AWESOME TNA!!!!

  2. FazeYNWA says:

    They should take off a few more aswell.
    I would like
    Genesis – First of they year
    Lockdown – CAGES
    Destination X – X Division time
    Slammiversary – Anniversary show
    Hardcore Justice – A Hardcore ppv
    Bound For Glory – The BIG one
    Final Resolution – End of year ppv

    I feel we CANT have too Less PPVs like some say 3/4 as its not like before were storys are longer these days the audience want it moving and fast and get bored quickly like many have with Acesn8s.

    Have GUTCHECK/Open Fight Night every 3 Months. It makes it more special and like a event with anticaption as now it just like a normal show.

    Having IMPACT SPECIALS. 3Hour thursday night or even sometime FRIDAY night (slowly rival smackdown) and SATURDAY NIGHTS.
    could have like BFG series special finale, 'Summer Special ( Have a outdoor show)', Halloween etc. or every 2/3 months SUPER IMPACT/DOUBLE IMPACT

    ADD XPLOSION. Just 1hour DONT over saturate as TNA isnt big enough yet.
    a taped show maybe tuesday nights.
    Have storylines conintue on to that But feature younger stars and ones who didnt appear in the last show i.e likes of Mr Anderson, Sarita, Kenny King.
    Feature TV title, X Div. build fueds instead of just throughing in a last minute match to a ppv
    3/4 matches

    Move out of Impact Zone. only(1000-1500 cap.) to a 3000-5000 arena.
    Charge for tickets too.

    Go out for PPVs n for like Hardcore Justice ppv give a ECW feel, smaller arena and fans close to the action.

    One more thing even though its not bad with 4 sides they should BRING back 6 sides, maybe a bit smaller ring than the original one though as some have said it is harder to work on and plus i think it would look better if its slighty smaller.


    • oh0K says:

      Like puple said, you've been deep thinking, but not thinking enough. On a business point of view though. Dropping PPV I agree with. One thing though, is how do you suggest TNA have a taped show on tuesdays, with live shows on thursdays, with Taped shows most likely being recorded with the live shows without spoiling storylines? Or is the said taped show meant to be the exact same as Xplosion is now, which is pointless,one match show which would get no ratings?

      a mega impact as u mentioned for replacing ppv would be a nice sunday show…. they could even go head to head with wwe…. I honestly think that what Tna could use is some advertisers for a free online ppv chuck full of adds….. I've searched tna streams and found single streams with more viewers than supposed sell rates….and even more ppl paying 5$ for an hd stream…… I'm sure ads and advertisements in the show in place of a commercial would more than make up for the cost.

  3. purpleurkel says:

    damn Fazey 's been deep thinking 🙂

    I like the idea of 6 ppvs a year. ZERO in the Impact Zone.

  4. purpmuffins says:

    I think the only ppv they need are Lockdown Slamiverary Desination X and Bound for Glory.

  5. soyfenomenal says:

    They could get rid of Sacrifice to build Slammiversary.

  6. Roid Master says:

    …and I was so looking forward to watching the Nu Urnder PPV!

  7. Horrendous1 says:

    Less PPVs works for me if only from the standpoint that the LockDown location was named in November rather than the end of January (as it has been in recent years).

    As someone coming from the UK, trying to get cheap flights to the US 10 weeks before travel was a pain in the backside, but now will be able to take advantage of post Christmas airline sales.

  8. jbcissom says:

    it's been said, less is more. and you can take those costs that you would incur putting on the other PPVs, and take the remaining ones to locations outside of the Impactzone.

    Part of me would like to see Slammiversary held 4 out of 5 years in Nashville as a homage to the early days, and then on every 5th anniversary, take it to a different location.

  9. kingrog2000 says:

    having 6 ppvs a year would be stupid makes no sense alot of wrestlers get paid per ppv and besides just because you named off the big tna ppv doesnt mean they are the only ones necessary what if they get a really great free agent to sign after a ppv so they will have to wait 2 months to reveal then if they do 6 ppv then tna will be busch league i wish they would bring back feast or fired

    • jbcissom says:

      you would have a valid point if TNA has 500k+ buys for the PPVs. But they don't. WWE is able to do that because people buy their PPVs. TNA, not so much. It would actually get more people to watch Impact! if they started making major moves there rather than on PPV.

  10. Ryuho121 says:

    loads of good moves by tna here recently between doing creative storylines months in advanced and now cutting down on ppv's seems like it could be the upside TNA fans have been looking for now just gotta do better character building for some people preferably the new gut check guys since they are fresh and can do some good build towards them

  11. tnadude says:

    This is a good start. They can't make all feuds last months on end, so they'd have to start ending them on TV. That's not the end of the world, but it is a format change (at least if they want to end them properly anyway). They should also create a "mega-Impact" show in the normal PPV timeslot. That would help get people acclimated to watching TNA at that time, as well as give it a Saturday Night's Main Event-type feel.

    These changes would be great for the company, and especially the fans. But they need to be methodical about how they do them to make sure they get it right.

    Over time, they should drop even more PPVs (down to about 6), and supplement them with 3 – 4 mega-Impacts (to keep them meaningful). But they need to perfect the system first.

  12. JoeWrestling says:

    They should do Against All Odds and No Surrender as TV specials on Spike. Likewise with a number of these other PPVs.

  13. incognitowolfe says:

    Whoever said get rid of lockdown is STUPID. That's their best ppv, it's something unique that not even the WWE thought off. Every match in a cage. They try to rip em off with HELL IN A CELL but that's just a promo stunt to hype people to buy the shitttttt out of it.

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