Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 24, 2012
More On Jeff Hardy’s TNA Contract & Future

More On Jeff Hardy’s TNA Contract & Future

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Jeff Hardy’s contract with TNA expires this February as we previously reported. Speculation among the wrestling media this week seemed to suggest this is why Hardy will challenge Austin Aries for the TNA Championship at next month’s Bound for Glory PPV in what could lead to a potential run with the title to get him to agree to a new deal.

Hardy had expressed in the past that he had no interest in going back to WWE after they publicly mocked his legal problems.

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15 Responses to “More On Jeff Hardy’s TNA Contract & Future”

  1. Pipboy86 says:

    I don't like using belts for leverage. It has the potential to seriously blow up in TNA's face. Just recently we have another example of what can happen with ROH and Kenny King. ROH did the same thing by putting the tag team titles on ANX only to have Kenny bolt and make ROH look stupid. Countless examples in the past also say it isn't a good idea. I'd prefer no world title at all on Jeff Hardy to be honest, he doesn't need that title to be over in TNA. If TNA feels they have to do it though, it is only good sense to wait until he signs a new contract. Beyond that I think it would be bad for Austin Aries at this point to do the job to Jeff Hardy. He's a future investment guy, Jeff Hardy is simply not, he has been a mercenary to say the least and is a big risk.

    • Peckar says:

      My thoughts exactly. Seems inevitable they will put it on him though. I would like to see Aries turn heel for this match and keep the belt.

  2. mrthefanboy says:

    I don;t like the idea of Aries dropping the belt to hardy,but i can understand it from a buisness stand point,but don't give him the belt to stay in TNA.

    • tnadude says:

      I want to agree that I see the business decision, but for some reason, I'm having a tough time seeing Hardy as the face of the company. As a baby_face, it's hard to imagine getting excited about him running in and beating up Aces & 8s (ala Sting v. the nWo years ago).

      As a heel, it's hard to imagine him as the most hated man on the planet (ala Hogan in the nWo). He's the "charismatic enigma", which to me means he's best left as a side show.

      Then again, I've never been a huge fan of his character anyway.

    • Pipboy86 says:

      Here is the thing about the business aspect though. Jeff Hardy is already the top merchandise seller in TNA. He has already been a huge draw in WWE, but not really so in TNA for obvious reasons which are too lengthy to go on about here. That really isn't the point I want to make anyway, it has more to due with business aspect of Jeff Hardy being champion. Lets just pretend for a minute that putting the belt on Jeff Hardy ensures a big draw for 3-4 months. Ok, well come February and if he hasn't signed a new contract yet, you are left with once again guys who have been booked to look inferior to a guy who's dedication to the company is questionable at best if he doesn't sign. Jeff has been quoted as saying he would like to take time off, would like another WWE run at some point and is obviously a free spirit who seems to value his art, his music and whatever hobby he is engaged in at the moment as much as his career. So what could TNA hope for at best in 2013? A guy who might be looking to be part-time like a Chris Jericho? Just not good business imo to make him face of the company. I'd take take Jeff Hardy for 3-4 more months, put him in a strong position, but not go over my guys I want to keep at the top and try to squeeze as much merchandising out of him as I can while trying to get him to either sign a new contract or leave the door open for a future return. Part of that being, he has to do the job to Aries at BFG, but leave room for a potential comeback and feud between the two. Hopefully something along those lines is what TNA will do.

  3. IW4EVA says:

    Being a big fan of Aries i would still wish for a small run for Jeff with the title ,Aries has held some or the other belt for more than a year now and he is the future for sure …. but Jeff hardy after the ppv fiasco with sting has worked his as$ off in the meanwhile and hasnt let the TNA down …. Jeff has in the meanwhile put a lot of talent over and has been selfless … There is no harm in giving him a title run which will bring main stream attention and Jeff can drop the title back in the next ppv or so back !

    • Pippin0490 says:

      Short title runs like that help nobody. They make the title not look as good as it's easier to get. It would make the champion look poor and it would not help the challanger – and new champion – anywhere near as much as it would if they won it from a long time champion.

      • IW4EVA says:

        I agree with you to an extent , but during the attitude era there were a lot more title changes compared to nowadays and yet it worked well …… also you cant refute the fact that Jeff hardy deserves a title run , can you !

        Aries can still hold on to his own as a main eventer with or without the belt ,can also focus on feuding the Aces n 8s while Jeff hardy goes about defending the title ,works well for both IMO.

        • Pippin0490 says:

          I'm sorry, was I supposed to refute whether Hardy deserves a title run?

          I was discussing length of title runs and nothing about Hardy, but seeing as you asked – so nicely as well…- I shall refute the fact that Hardy "deserves" a title runL

          The last time he was given a title run he completely let himself down, did damage to TNA and ruined a PPV. This wasn't an isolated incident either as he has let TNA down a few time before. Yes he has worked hard recently to sort himself out, but why should that put him ahead of so many other people like AJ Styles, James Storm, Bully Ray & Austin Aries (I could name many more) that have worked hard for much, much longer and have not let the company down once, nevermind a few times?

          Also, the Aces & 8's are fueding with Aries because he has the World Title. And Hardy can hold his own as a main eventer with or without the belt much better than Aries (name value).

          • Pipboy86 says:

            Yes, Jeff Hardy does not need titles at this point in his career. People like Austin Aries do.

          • IW4EVA says:

            Jeff hardy is TNAs largest merchandise seller , he gets the biggest props in any impact zone or live events where ever he goes … the most recognizable performing TNA star to non core TNA audience (mainly WWE )…. so a title run would surely attract attention and bring in more audience to TNAs fold …..

            Regarding his mistake a year and a half ago ,TNA has moved on, Jeff hardy has moved on , its time we do as well ….

            As far as Aries is concerned he can focus on feuding the Aces n 8s, his promo skills and never say die attitude is best to deal with aces n 8s faction and to deal with them Aries would not need a belt around his waist !

          • Pippin0490 says:

            Again, the aces & 8's are fueding with Aries because he has the title! This was said on the Impact after No Surrender. So if Aries lost the title, the aces & 8's would not bother with him. Why do I have to repeat myself?

            Yes, Hardy is the largest merchandise seller, why should that make him World Champion? He doesn't get the biggest pop, he gets amongst the biggest. He is certainly not the most recognizable performer in TNA (Hulk Hogan, Sting)

            And no, a title run would not surely attract attention and bring in more audience to TNA, Hardy has had the title before and this didn't happen.

            The reason I mentioned his mistake is that he was given the World Title and in turn he let everybody down. He has let TNA down at least 3 or 4 times before. So why should he deserve the title ahead of people that have never let TNA down? people that have been with TNA for several years and have worked a lot harder and a lot longer than Hardy.

            As you already said, he already sells merchandise, he is already an established name and he already gets a big pop. So he does not need the title. He can hold a main event spot without having the title.

            You say Hardy deserves the title because he has worked hard since being stupid and selfish and harming TNA and ruining a PPV. Then what about the numerous other talent in TNA that have worked hard for their entire career and haven't made stupid selfish decisions and have never let TNA down?

            The reasons you're giving for Hardy being champion are either proved not to be true (such as Hardy as champ bringing in a new audience – it didn't happen the other two times) you say Aries doesn't need the title to be a main eventer, if anything it should be the other way around as Hardy doesn't need the title to be a main eventer. You say Aries doesn't need the title to fued with the Aces & 8's, yet the only reason he is fueding with the Aces & 8's is because he is World Champion as said on Impact a couple of weeks ago.

            I find myself repeating myself to you as you seem utterly unable to accept facts.

          • IW4EVA says:

            Thanks for the detailed response , much respect …

            I still belive that Hardy can be a bigger draw for TNA if used effectively compared to Aries (though as on today we both would agree that Aries is a better performer in ring and on Mic promo skills)

            Most recognizable performer i meant who is still wrestling full time (Sting and Hogan are more of a brand ambassadors/authority figures now)

            Aces n 8s bothering Aries or not is just a matter of how storyline is played out which can be tweaked any time to have Aries fued Aces n 8s whether or not he has the belt

            regarding others getting their chance , in the due course they can get it too , its not like iam suggesting Hardy should have the title forever.

            Sorry if u had to repeat things , but i am just stating my views and ur free to differ from them

  4. Sturk says:

    this is only speculation….. ppl talk like its fact

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