Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 28, 2013
More On The Jeff Hardy-TNA Issues Inside Here

More On The Jeff Hardy-TNA Issues Inside Here

As noted yesterday here on the website, even though TNA announced at the last minute that Jeff Hardy would not be able to travel to the UK due to injury, it was really due to his past drug record.

Now it’s being reported that TNA was hoping they could pull some strings to get Hardy cleared to travel when they announced the tour and found out a month or two before that he would be unable to show up. However, they continued to promote his name as a main event attraction.

Sting replaced Hardy on the tour at the last minute, even though his last TNA tour was billed as his final UK tour.

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19 Responses to “More On The Jeff Hardy-TNA Issues Inside Here”

  1. HolsG says:

    Sting can't resist us Brits ; )

    TNA shouldn't have advertised him, although it would have sold more tickets they risked losing A LOT of fans on this tour and this is a fan base they can't risk losing.
    Sting would have got me to buy a ticket over Hardy though!

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Although I can't say what TNA did was right, Jeff did state several times that he WASN'T participating in the UK tour. As a matter of fact he stated this over two months prior to the UK tour. TNA shouldn't have advertised him, but the fact is a lot of people knew he wasn't going to be there because he said he wouldn't be.

    • oh0K says:

      It somewhat bothers me that you say the uk fans is a fan base tna cant risk losing… I get the whole idea that tna is over wwe in the uk…. but TNa has 10x as many viewers weekly in the US, not to mention they only get about 20k more viewers thanWWE what is all the fuss about?

      Or maybe I'm missing something, or maybe there arent many people that own televisions in the UK… who knows either way 160k viewers really isnt something to brag about.

      • HolsG says:

        Yet the US has a population of 300 million and the UK has 60 million, TNA is based in the US and tours there the most allowing better publicity for the company increasing popularity.
        TNA is only advertised on Challenge and occasionally picktv in the UK and they tour here once a year which makes it a lot harder for a fan base to evolve.
        UK is also the only country where TNA beats WWE – why would TNA risk losing the pride of having a bigger fan base in at least one country

      • tnadude says:

        I agree it's a bit overstated. But think about it this way: 10% is a lot of business for any business to risk.

        Now, think about it this way – the UK represents a substantial, untapped market for growth. It is also a gateway into the rest of Europe for the company where they could beat WWE, then use that momentum to bring it back home to the states.

        So they really shouldn't risk it.


    This was just wrong. If I pay to see Led Zeppelin play and The Rolling Stones came out I would be pissed. I would be happy to see them on stage, but it wasn't what I would pay money for. Even if one person came to the show just to see Jeff Hardy they have let him down. Still love TNA but it isn't all that fair on those who paid ALOT of money.

    • toddmikki says:

      Wow, cry babies! This is sports entertainment! it was one guy and replaced by a bigger superstar! this happens EVERY FRICKING DAY in the professional sports world, except when a star cant perform for their team they replace them with a loser from the practice squad not a bigger star! How about when the San Antonio Spurs kept out ALL 5 of their star starters?

      • purpleurkel says:

        Look at his picture and his sceen name todd. He watches wrestling because it turns him on. 🙂

        • WARISNAUGHTY says:

          Hummmmm that was a picture from some three years ago, but thanks to somehow eluding to my personal sexual preference in anyway inhibits my opinion from being valid. Were I gay, would this make your blatant homophobic attitude valid? Think not. People can be incredibly big and brash online. I'm sure you are in no way projecting your own deep routed thoughts onto me. Is this the point where you are going to say 'I've shagged more girls than you ever will' or 'I can bench press a small lion.' Well congratulations. I am very proud of you.

          • purpleurkel says:

            "phobic" speaks of fear

            dont confuse fear with disgust you vagina-phobe

            (dont judge me as hateful either, I accept all people. I just hate liberal bullsh** excuses for socially deviant behavior)

          • WARISNAUGHTY says:

            Oh dear. Excuse me while I just open this can of whoop ass.

            Your point denoting 'fear' which is partially true, it speaks of an irrational fear. But don't let such fallacies stop you while you have a wank to some lesbian porn later. The irony tickles.

            Vagina-phobe is a new term to me. However as I clearly stated 'were I gay' that little balloon of yours went pop. Your very short response is filled of contradictory rhetoric it is actually impressive. 'Don't judge me as hateful, but being gay is a deviant behavior.' That is both hateful and goes against modern day values. In some African societies you can be stoned for homosexuality….think you would feel more suited there, Homosexuality is also entirely natural, historically documented and occurs in a variety of non-human species.

            Also I am not a Liberal. I am a Humanist which unlike Liberalism has no political party affiliation nor is it tied to a specific culture. Making an accretion of such biblical ignorance has both made my day and saddened me. You watch a show where men in pants pretend to hit each other and would deny its homoeroticism.

            But I digress. This is not a forum for such debate. If you wish to further make an idiot out of yourself drop me a message. I'm sure only the insecure homophobes want to read your replies.

          • purpleurkel says:

            Wow you wasted a lot of time… changed ur pic, wrote an essay and cleared ur browser enough times to tumbs down my comments
            well done nancy

          • WARISNAUGHTY says:

            LOL. Try again internet hard man.

      • tnadude says:

        @WarIsNaughty is right. There wasn't an injury, and there wasn't a reason Jeff couldn't perform. It was known in advance that he couldn't perform. I'd be upset that I was duped – and I'd take Sting over Hardy every time.


    I forget this is the internet. I'll rephrase. If you knowingly deceive an audience even over a small thing, it doesn't do the brand any good. I didn't pay. It doesn't really bother me. However, were I a Jeff Hardy fan I would be. If you pay for something you didn't get when the company knew about it, it is defrauding the audience. Trolls be dammed, this is the case in ANY industry. You don't have to defend every decision TNA makes, as god knows we have seen enough bad ones. *Petty Williams being one of them.

  4. soyfenomenal says:

    How is this more?

  5. Mr. Excitement says:

    Jobber move by TNA.

  6. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    To be fair, it does say that the "card was subject to change"
    Still an unethical move by TNA to continue to promote him

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