Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 9, 2013
More On The Low July 4th TNA iMPACT! Rating

More On The Low July 4th TNA iMPACT! Rating

As noted earlier, Thursday’s Independence Day edition of TNA Wrestling’s iMPACT! Wrestling scored a 0.78 (0.8) cable rating, its lowest since Thanksgiving. This figure is down fifteen percent from the prior week’s program, which drew a 0.92 cable rating.

While Thursday’s show was the lowest-rated episode of the year, it was not the least-watched episode of the year. That distinction still belongs to the May 30 show, which bottomed out when the program changed timeslots. Thursday’s show averaged 1,053,000 viewers over the course of two hours, a drop-off of five percent from the week before.

On a positive note, Males 12-34 and Males 18-34 drew six-week highs.

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9 Responses to “More On The Low July 4th TNA iMPACT! Rating”

  1. jbcissom says:

    If anyone is shocked by this, they need a wake up call from reality. It's the freaking Fourth of July! 1/2 of the country was out watching fireworks or shooting them themselves.

  2. AussieWrestling says:

    To be honest if i was TNA i'd be happy with anything over a million viewers for the 4th of july. On a lighter note, impact drew a estimated 3800 people in Las Vegas which equalled the recent smackdown in Kansas which also drew 3800 people.

  3. RavenNevermore says:

    Actually pretty good ratings considering the 4th of July. But I bet those internet geek tna haters will say tna is dying. Morons!

  4. lee4tammy says:

    it was a good episode and the x division main event was awesome but its the fourth of july so yeah its going to be low and its funny how every 3 weeks tna hits a high rating followed by 2 weeks of low

    on the topic of spike , im english so idk what spike is like but from what i can gather its a small channle but spike back tna all the way to the moon and tna is spikes most watched show

    i dont think if tna jumped to a more exposed channle would help tna as i dont think they would be as well liked or backed as spike do

  5. MRPC says:

    Maybe they should have done an outdoor show with a fireworks display or something?

    • whatever says:

      Yeah there you go have them spend more money that they don’t have just so you can watch some stupid fireworks. You should be in charge of their finances genius.

      • jflegler says:

        Honestly, an outdoor show may have been a decent option; especially if you market it as a 4th of July special to include a firework show – try to engage non-wrestling fans in order to potentially convert new viewers – not the worst strategy.

        In fairness to MRPC, he would need to see their books, collaborate with marketing, and compare financial ratios of both scenarios before making said decision. Subsequently, you can comment on his genius; albeit sarcastic.

      • tnadude says:

        Ummm… Why is that such a bad idea? Why couldn't they do it at a fairgrounds that is already HAVING a fireworks show? Outdoor shows are cool. And not done very often. Put on live at a fairgrounds with a rowdy audience could be a great financial success.

        No need for name calling either. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And not all ideas are good ones (yours and mine included).

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