Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 28, 2013
More On The New TNA Knockouts, Team 3D Update, More

More On The New TNA Knockouts, Team 3D Update, More

— This Thursday on iMPACT! Wrestling, former WWE developmental talent and Tough Enough competitor Ivelisse Velez will compete against Lei’D Tapa in a “Gut Check Challenge.” Tapa is the niece of former WWE Superstar Barbarian.

Tapa wrote on Twitter Tuesday: “Looking forward to being on @TNAIMPACTWRESLING FOR thankful for opportunity to show what i love to do!!”

— The Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling in Kissimmee, Florida has announced that every student who enrolls in the school during the month of March will have the opportunity to receive a free year of training.

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18 Responses to “More On The New TNA Knockouts, Team 3D Update, More”

  1. Get_Carter says:

    I remember TNA's promos of "We have knockouts not divas". Not anymore. Sadly the knockout division is just a shell of its former self and the phenomenal Gail King/Kong days. While it's still better that the E's product it could be so much more. Bringing in WWE talent isn't helping any. Roxxi? Kong?

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      Well if TNA can get a hold of talent that wwe might have misused, I'm all for it. It's good for talent. Weather or not she is talented idk since I haven't seen her wrestle yet

    • hangers says:

      The KO division has been suffering a slow death since Kim (first time round), Kong, Hamada and Flash left. There's a lot of female wrestling talent out there if thats how they want to go but Pritchard has already indicated that KO 's aren't a priority and it shows.. With Sara Del Rey training the up and coming divas the WWE girls will surpass the KO's, if they haven't already done so..

      • TROOF says:

        Surpass the KOs in what? The WWE divas can have all the training in the world. it doesn't make a difference. All the training in the world will leave to a 3minute match at tops on their shows. The women in WWE are on a much lower scale of priority than as to how the women are perceived in TNA.

        • hangers says:

          Really? Have you been watching the same program as me? The KO division is at the weakest point I can remember in the past 5 years..

          • xenocea says:

            We have been watching both WWE and TNA. Although the knockouts division has grown a little stale.

            WWE divas are no where near as good regardless how long their been training.

          • hangers says:

            The reason its become stale is that the roster is far too small and the quality of matches has decreased. Asmuch as I dislike the divas division AJ vs Kaitlyn would probably give me a better matchup.

            The problem is that TNA has made the KO division morecand more like Divas 2.0..

          • xenocea says:

            True, but it's still better than the diva's in WWE.

            Hopefully the knockout division will pick again soon.

          • hangers says:

            I hope so too…

    • TROOF says:

      She's not a WWE talent. She's never wrestled on WWE television. She's been wrestling for quite a while on the indies as well. She's quite good in the ring. Stop judging talent based on where they used to wrestle and judge them for what they can actually bring to the table. Unless WWE suddenly gets a change of attitude towards their divas, I don't see the divas surpassing the KOs in any way.

  2. kerryvonerich says:

    She is actually a good wrestler she used to be Juliet the Huntress. The only hot girl who can truly hang with the guys. I think she should have a shot at the x division title.

  3. shanedraper says:

    2008-2010 was the best years for the knockouts, taylor wilde, the beautiful people, daffney, roxxi, sarita, kong, hamada i miss those days. they have all been replaced with divas

    • hangers says:

      Yes, I miss those days too..

    • xenocea says:

      Gail, Mickie, Tara, Taelor Hendrix, and the blossom twins are not divas. They can actually wrestle.

      • hangers says:

        The problem is TNA could have a dozen top girls and it wouldnt make a difference if the ont get the airtime or creative push. The KO segments used to be the highest rated segments of the show yet now get the least focus..

        • xenocea says:

          Juts take it how it is for now and enjoy. I'm glad the women's in TNA are taken more seriously. Most of the focus are on matches rather than some love or posing contest like in the WWE.

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