Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 4, 2012
More On The Scott Steiner vs. TNA Lawsuit Inside

More On The Scott Steiner vs. TNA Lawsuit Inside

The hearing scheduled in Scott Steiner’s countersuit against TNA was canceled the night before it was scheduled to be held on November 30th. On the 29th, TNA requested that the hearing be canceled, informing the court that, “the parties anticipate an Agreed Order of Dismissal with respect to the Defendant’s Counterclaim.” The two sides are now close to terms on a settlement in regard to Steiner’s allegations that TNA breached their contract with him in regard to royalties and providing an accounting of royalties.

This will not cover the lawsuit TNA brought against Steiner for ripping them and their executives via his Twitter account, nor the separate lawsuit Steiner filed claiming he was injured working an out of it Jeff Hardy during a house show in Dearborn, Michigan.

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10 Responses to “More On The Scott Steiner vs. TNA Lawsuit Inside”

  1. Peckar says:

    TNA should just give up on this shit. Or should I say EB and HH. Obviously a lot of what Steiner says was true seen as Hogan was poking his best mates Mrs. Its been said now. Let sleeping dogs lie.

  2. Treck says:

    Drop the whole thing. Hogan. Needs to stop giving this guy attention.we know the internet wrestling fans are told to hate Hogan. Just ignore Steiner. Has beens get attention from bashing hogan

  3. tnadude says:

    It's a work. Said it all along – the suit will be settled without ever making it to court – because – it's a work…

    • ricky_No1 says:

      Dont talk out of your rectom. It aint a work

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        We can't say for sure if it is or not, as it seems TNA has been working the IWC more than the TV audience. No one can say for sure what this is unless you're on the inside of the situation. All I can say is I would like to see him back in TNA as part of A&8s.

  4. DJBIGCG says:

    TNA should drop this lawsuit they have with stenier and the wwe

    • stocksharkbite says:

      Why should they drop the lawsuits WWE never has and never will drop a suit they sue at the drop of a hat come one maybe TNA is just trying to teach them a lesson! A WWE lawsuit against WCW was the reason they were able to buy WCW so cheap. TNA push on teach the almighty WWE that your not afraid of them!

      • ricky_No1 says:

        How do you figure a law suit against WCW was the cause?

        • Goeroe1981 says:

          Russo killed WCW and the hunger for money and egos ruined WCW. I don't know if all the storylines where written by him in TNA a little while back, but Russo was one of the people responsible for the storyllnes. A few examples:
          All ready writing about something with no back up plan like with immortal (the fourtune jump) was messed up.
          Letting Matt Morgan cause a head injury and then come back and lecture about the dangers was messed up.
          And the AJ baby story was really a masterwork on how not to do an angle.

          Conclussion good riddens and TNA is now becoming a much better show that delivers and blurs fiction in nicely with reality.

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