Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 29, 2014
More On TNA’s Future With SpikeTV – Details Inside

More On TNA’s Future With SpikeTV – Details Inside

The major story this week (until WWE releases the latest WWE Network subscriber count on Thursday) is’s report that Spike TV is currently not planning to renew TNA Impact Wrestling.

With TNA’s future in jeopardy if they are unable to reach an agreement with Spike and Viacom, speculation has begun as to whether WWE would be interested in acquiring TNA’s tape library.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, it was said that WWE would likely make an offer to TNA, if the company were to shut down. The going rate for tape libraries is approximately $500 per hour of footage. TNA has approximately 1,000 hours of Impact Wrestling footage, so an offer of $500,000 is what they would likely receive.

In response to the report, TNA President Dixie Carter tweeted that she is currently still in negotiations with Spike TV and the new of Impact’s cancellation was premature. When contacted for a statement, Spike TV said they do not comment on matters related to “ongoing negotiations.”

As for why ran the story, it’s possible that TNA tried playing hardball in hopes of landing a good TV deal and somebody at Viacom leaked the news to “call their bluff” and essentially put TNA in checkmate. Without a national television clearance, TNA would likely go out of business. The company would then attempt to shop Impact Wrestling around to other cable networks, but they are not in a powerful negotiating position.

Especially without major names like Hulk Hogan and Sting, TNA has very little leverage to land another lucrative TV deal, despite their consistent viewership above 1 million viewers per week.

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4 Responses to “More On TNA’s Future With SpikeTV – Details Inside”

  1. VikingBlood says:

    Lol @ wwe looking to buy the archives of TNA. Sorry dirtsheets and yes this site is a part of the dirtsheets. Tna is here to stay. Call yourselves because that is what you are

    • seabee44 says:

      i agree when does a tmz story repeated by good ol jr make it the truth its amazing that before this crap TNA was on a ratings rise now the news is this no news story. TNA TNA TNA

  2. Chris King says:

    Stop your fucking bullshit. All you do is make shit up! And the next time an ad pops up I’m gonna show up and smack the hell out of all u TNA haters.

  3. ProWrestling1 says:

    This site has always been anti-TNA its kinda pathetic cause we know they only run this site to make a buck and to trash TNA. But TNA is on the rise its the best wrestling product on TV by far its just so many people have there heads up vinnie macs a$$ and wont give it a shot. But screw it we dont need the E fans we are a 1.5 million strong army that tunes into IMPACT every week. And the tv deal will def happen wether with Spike or someone else. I was going through the channels on my TV and there are stations that would kill to have that number of people tuning in each week. So all i got to say is TNA TNA TNA!

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