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Must-Read – The Worst Indy Show Ever?, Details

Must-Read – The Worst Indy Show Ever?, Details

Thanks to Steven Plumley, Frankie and Stuart Duncan for their help with this story:

Before dozens Saturday night at the Steve Hogg Recreation Center in Marion, Ohio, WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff squared off against Bobby Fulton of Fantastics fame in a ten-minute grappling affair—on just a gym mat.

According to the official Facebook page of Classic Championship Wrestling, the promotion was unable to secure a wrestling ring for the event. Despite the dilemma, Volkoff and Fulton rallied the locker room to make the best of the situation, under the proclamation that “the show must go on.”

“The boys in the locker room were all still worried due to having no ring. Bobby Fulton took charge and had a meeting in the locker room informing us that the show must go on and that we were here to give fans what they want to see,” wrote the event promoter. “Bobby then assigned us all to duties to where the locker rooms discouragement lifted up to where everyone became encouraged and did their part to where we all worked together to make this event happen. The end result was the event was an hour and a half and the fans were louder then most shows I’ve been on in the past. The workers stepped up got out of their fear mindsets and put on one of the most memorable and loudest shows i ever been on. The fans were into it like you wouldn’t believe and every fan left with a smile on their face and a wrestling show that they will never forget. This night respect was earned from everyone and we were praised by a true legend Bobby Fulton.

“The impossable to us became possable and the true story of it all is through prayer GOD was at work last night. This night takes me to the Bible to where Joshua led the Israelites into the promise land. There was doubt, discouragement and hoplessness but the faith of Joshua and the Israelites and the will to serve the LORD led them to bring down the walls of Jericho and become victorious. Sometimes in life things happen beyond our control and FAITH alone can move mountains and last night mountains were moved and GOD broke the walls down and the end result was these guys in the locker room were filled with joy thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ and true warriors were made. I will never forget this night and I will never forget the Power of our GOD! For those that werent there and are speaking negetive abt this event well all I can say is I wish u were all there to see the powerful movement of GOD and the wonders he did. He was in us all and everyone became winners on this unforgetable evening! Thank You Lord above all in Jesus name I give u praise and Am so Thankful!”

The promoter added, “Bobby Fulton & Nikolai Volkoff got on the mats and wrestled…Nikolai said that’s the way it used to be all class acts and we will be back soon.”

Also, the following was posted on Gregory Iron’s Facebook page:

“Last night in Marion, Ohio. A “Macho Man” tribute show was held in a gym. Two known Indy stars, Gregory Iron and Zach Gowen were offered $20 to appear and wrestle on the card. Insulted by the offer being made, Gregory Iron turned down the deal as well as his partner Zach Gowen. This morning, while going through my News Feed, I noticed Gregory Iron talking about the event that occurred with a picture at the bottom of the story. Only 13 people would attend the event, but the major shocker, would come when the entire event would be held….wait for it…WITHOUT A RING!

I repeat, WITHOUT A WRESTLING RING! How the hell do you hold a “Pro Wrestling” show, yet alone a tribute show to one of the greatest of all time and not have a wrestling ring? An to just put the cherry on top of the sundae, WWE HOF Nikolai Volkoff would wrestle on the card.

Now I cover Indy shows often for this page. But seriously, if you’re a Indy Wrestler who follows this page, you have to ask yourself “is this really worth the pay?” You have a craft, your building yourself for a future, but to wrestle for a promotion without a ring is just so outrageous that I hope I never have to speak of this crap ever again.

Oh and here’s the proof of the 13 people in attendance and Nikolai Volkoff wrestling on…a mat.

– Frankie


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