Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 4, 2013
MVP Possibly Headed To TNA?, Details

MVP Possibly Headed To TNA?, Details

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Bruce Prichard is reportedly pushing TNA to bring in former WWE star MVP. The move comes as the company has been releasing people as cost-cutting measures. While MVP uses that name for indy bookings, he would not be able to use it within TNA.

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21 Responses to “MVP Possibly Headed To TNA?, Details”

  1. piro4351 says:

    lol..why would TNA need MVP..

  2. Obama Sucks says:

    MVP sucks.

  3. Laker says:

    Will TNA have enough money to pay him anyways

  4. Roid Master says:

    OK… go ahead and sign him… but only if they release Bruce Prichard to make room for him.

    • Tiffanydude says:

      Agreed, Bruce is shit with handling wrestlers, pretty sure that's why we barely have a knockouts division


    At 39, nope. Bloody hell get Kevin Steen! He would be a bigger draw, cheaper, younger, more over, a better wrestler oh god TNA please please please do something people actually want!

    • Peckar says:

      I couldn't agree more. Steen is awesome.

      • Luis says:

        Who the hell is Steen lol not trying to knock his ability out but I never heard of him

        • IHNSAIN says:

          same never heared of him then again uk all we get is tna and wwe and relly crap indy

          dnt see wat bringing in mvp will do except let bruce beat his chest and say i brought in mvp we relly do need someone unknown who can do some unbelivable stuff thats y tna worked to start with and the x-div was hot

        • Peckar says:

          ROH, download it.

      • tnadude says:

        I'm not your friend and you're not mine…

        Steen rocks. Only question I have on him is his size. Big for X division, small for a heavyweight. Nevertheless, it's a problem creative should be glad to have.

        • Peckar says:

          This is a wrestling website. No reason can't argue one day, then be friends. Do n't take shit to heart, its all done in fun. Steen would bring in those Steve Austin fans wrestling is looking for, given more freedom ROH have gave him recently. Hell of a wrestler to boot.

          • tnadude says:

            That's the first line of his theme song :).

            Figured you knew it. Sorry for any confusion. I love his entrance music and think it's the best in the business, hence the crude reference to it.

            Again, sorry if it caused confusion.

          • Peckar says:

            lmao let me wipe the egg off my face. It is an awesome entrance song. I do seem to have a small army of haters here though lol.

    • andy3323 says:

      Shoot, I wouldn't want MVP at 29…

  6. TheBringer92 says:

    Yeah thats about right, release a number of wrestlers, sign MVP ………MVP isnt that big, his best feud that I can think of was with Matt Hardy

  7. Get_Carter says:

    I can't let myself get excited about any rumored (or real) signings that TNA does anymore. Regardless of the talent, there is a good chance that "wrestler X" will be poorly booked, underused and cut from the roster before you know it. TNA does a lot of talk about homegrown talents like AJ and Chris Sabin but they spend the most money on free agent signings that they expect to skyrocket the ratings and never do.

  8. TheMiwyun says:

    golberg heeaded to tna

  9. hangers says:

    He dissed the hell out of TNA whilst with WWE and just after he left so what possible benefit would TNA get by hiring him? I'd prefer Christian York…

  10. IHNSAIN says:

    couled tna have lost this big summer signing now they are trying to grab someone

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