Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 28, 2014
Nash, Cornette & Kidman React To The TNA/SpikeTV News

Nash, Cornette & Kidman React To The TNA/SpikeTV News

Jim Cornette, Kevin Nash and Billy Kidman posted the following today, commenting on Spike TV’s decision not to renew TNA’s TV deal…

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10 Responses to “Nash, Cornette & Kidman React To The TNA/SpikeTV News”

  1. 02Roadking says:

    Kidman and Nash showed a lot of class in their comment – Cornette just shot his mouth off and lost some credibility…..

  2. TNA_Warrior_UK says:

    I like Kidman and although TNA might not be serious competion to W.W.E, it's still better than your PG shit! #NoOffense

    • Ringmaster44 says:

      It's not tho, there's a lot of better matches more often over there, it's just a fact.

      • Beezy_Does_It says:

        No theres not. WWE is so PG image conscious its pathetic. The only people that mark out for that sh*t are kids. The only thing WWE has on TNA is money, history and nostalgia.

    • Mr. Excitement says:

      I think Kidman meant there are other places to work (referring to the indies) and they're not competition. Wasn't dissing TNA in any way.

      • tnadude says:

        He was referring to TNA. And he's really correct – when you have 10% of the market, you're really not "competition". He just said it in a very classy way, and wished TNA the best. I agree with you though – he wasn't dissing TNA in any way.

  3. GlobalForceRising says:

    Kidman and Nash showing some class while Cornette continues to be a bitter and angry man. Let it go Jim.

  4. Beezy_Does_It says:

    Shout out to Big Sexy for finally not being an a** towards TNA.

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