Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 22, 2013
New TNA X-Division Changes Announced – Details

New TNA X-Division Changes Announced – Details

During Thursday night’s iMPACT! Wrestling, TNA announced the following changes to the X-Division:

* All matches will now be three-way bouts.

* The division will now have a weight limit of 230 lbs.

Going back to the beginning of TNA in 2002, the X-Division was previously founded with the tagline of, “it’s not about weight limits. It’s about no limits.”

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23 Responses to “New TNA X-Division Changes Announced – Details”

  1. MikeS23 says:

    Those are the worst rules ever.

  2. Treck says:

    Everyone on the internet is going to complain. But I like it. Always preferred 3 way high flying action in wrestling. Plus it builds back the x division.

  3. ariesstormjoe says:

    i think what the weight limit idea is for is to ensure the lightweights get their time on tv.

    but they need to sign more guys for the division. they should go after low ki, sonjay dutt and jack evans for a start.

    tna played with the weight limit idea before and did away with it quite quickly due to lack of x division guys they had.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I think this whole thing is just to simply allow more TV time in general. Honestly a pretty large chunk of TNA's roster is under 230lbs. It mostly just allows them to get more TV time for their mid-carders.

    • THISISASHOOT247 says:

      No! Forget Low Ki. They need to sign Prince Devitt, Ricochet, Dragon Kid, and even bring in Willie Mac. Willie Mac could be the next Samoa Joe of the x-division.

  4. Nova_numb says:

    They always had that tag line but except for 4 Champions I think everyone has been a Lightweight guy…You had Joe of course, Angle when they gave him all of the titles once, RVD, and back in Tenn. that guy X who was champ briefly. That's the only ones I can remember right off hand so the weight deal has never been a big deal. I like the idea of the 3-way. That means you get more X-Division people on television. Plus the idea that the loser of the pinfall or submission is out of the mix and the other guy moves on to face the Champion again with another addition could work nicely if like someone said. They bring in some more X-Division guys.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      To be honest here Angle and RVD just barely skim that weight of 230 (angle being 7lbs over, RVD being 5lbs over), the only two notable wrestlers to hold that title and go well over that limit are Abyss and Joe. In reality most wrestlers working for TNA are under 230 or could easily pass as being under 230.

      Really I think this whole triple threat thing just seems like it'll be a flop… Of course do they really need to start new requirements to try and spice things up? Why not just, you know stop booking boring single matches for a while?

  5. tna24 says:

    Christian York better not put any more weight on then, since he so close to the limit

  6. tna24 says:

    the weight limit is ok, the 3 way bout is stupid. it going to get boring seeing the same kind of match over and over again.

  7. Tna man says:

    Back on the day the x division was all ways 3 way match and I thank they shouldn’t say any thing about weight just put guys that are small and can do cool shit no limit dum asses

  8. Rodzilla87 says:

    i have no problem with the 3-way matches. they'll just change it in like 3-4 months n e wayz.. hell, half the old school X-Division matches were triple threat or more and was always triple in Ultimate X matches.

  9. HolsG says:

    What like the 220lb limit enforced until RVD got the belt?????
    the 230lb is pretty pointless as it doesn't stop half the wrestlers going for it, even Bobby Roode is only 220ish.

    I get the three way thing for safety but there's not going to be good matches with the 1 on 1 feuds – they'll either forget about it in a month or it'll be like enforcing a ref to a match and just adding a random x divisioner

  10. hangers says:

    All matches are three ways? Fcuking dumb idea, the only place I want to see nothing but 3 ways is in a porno..

  11. tsoutheast says:

    TNA never stick to any changes with the X-Division.Last time it was a 220 limit.

  12. purpleurkel says:

    Any improvement to X division is good news. More Sonjay!!

  13. tnadude says:

    I've got to disagree with those of you that don't like the new 3-way format. It allows guys to go all out, and get a break while the other two work for a while. It also makes them safer as there are now 2 people to catch you. If someone gets injured, the match can continue.

    It's also unique which translates well with the new road format and should help with show attendance. It also allows them to carry a larger X-Division roster (which will help it from becoming decimated by injuries as it has in the past), and should make it easier to build new stars and move the title around more frequently.

    As for the weight limit – I don't get it either. There's no reason they couldn't just put small guys in the division if they desire. That would allow them to build a story line where Joseph Parks decides to try his hand at it.

    Then again – maybe the 230lb limit isn't so bad 🙂

  14. FazeYNWA says:

    I hate weight limit rules! Even if a lot of the roster are actually under 230!
    Just want it NO LIMITS!
    Also so they can sign some 'bigger guys'
    Jamin Olivencia from OVW may seem like a heavyweight guy BUT i think he could work in the X-Division as he is quite quick and agile!

    WILLIE MACK – The black samoa joe! He would be AWESOME!

    having guys that are not exactly cruiserweights in the X-Division will create and interest in it same like the Samoa Joe effect. Created it to be on PAR with the WHC!

    PLUS yes they need ring time BUT something i think is very important is MIC and PROMO time!
    When a wrestler is giving a promo or is on the mic it SUGGESTS they are important.
    it creates them to establish themselves and also for fans to invest in to them. Look at Bobby ROODE from mic time it helped him to establish himself as a solid heel.

    They should also put on fueds and build storylines not just a match up!

  15. Swiz3rV says:

    these new rulez succ. whats the point in restricting the weight limit? Now more high profile wrestlers could never hold this title and help lift the status. Ive never been a fan of the triple threat match they seem to unreaListic,. dont get me wrong an occasional ultimate X match is cooL but it just seems unfair the to the X-division athletes to aLways have 2 opponents. they're gonna ruin what was the highlight of this company

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