Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 29, 2013
New Zealand Network Drops iMPACT! Wrestling

New Zealand Network Drops iMPACT! Wrestling

TNA iMPACT! Wrestling will no longer be airing on SKY TV in New Zealand after next month. TNA issued the following statement about the news: “We regret to inform our wonderful fans in New Zealand that TNA IMPACT WRESTLING will no longer air on the BOX beyond April 2013. Therefore the last episode of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING on the BOX will be on Saturday, April 27. It is the goal of everyone working at TNA IMPACT WRESTLING to find a new home for all TNA programming in New Zealand.”

SKY TV said the decision was ratings-related, noting in a statement, “Unfortunately due to low ratings we have to let TNA Impact Wrestling go from our schedule. The last episode of Impact will air on Saturday April 27th.”

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7 Responses to “New Zealand Network Drops iMPACT! Wrestling”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    Bullshit 😛

  2. powerbomb says:

    same old news now watch this site post it 2 more times

  3. RealCreative says:

    Of course its going to get low ratings…its on a terrible network…Australia has it on Fuel TV & im curious what ratings are like

    • RaizerNZ says:

      How is SkyTV NZ a terrible network?
      Compared to what other NZ network?? TVNZ? The shopping channel? Maori tv?

      The only non Sky channels I could imagine it on here would be TVNZ's channel 2 which used to have WCW, or possibly TVNZ U which is a channel aimed at young teens and already "features" Hogans MCW

  4. whatsup121 says:

    ouch a loss is still a loss , hopefully they can get another tv spot asap

  5. mrjdjr says:

    So? What the f)(k else is new? How many times are you nitwits going to report the same sh!t as news? Are you idiots ever going to figure out how to operate a website? For God's sakes you've had the same site announcement posted for over a year. Pull your heads out of your asses and do something that's worth reading.

  6. Jon says:

    @ RealCreative — I can't find anything on the Australian ratings for Impact specifically so far but it seems worth noting that Fuel isn't exactly setting the world afire with their ratings either. Both the ratings info & the network landscape "down under" are different than what we're accustomed to here but looking at the latest numbers it's pretty clear that Fuel is — at best — roughly equivalent to Spike.

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