Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 1, 2013
Nigel McGuinness Speaks Out – ROH, Future, TNA, More

Nigel McGuinness Speaks Out – ROH, Future, TNA, More

Nigel McGuinness joined Inside The Ropes this week to promote his ‘Last of McGuinness’ film. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Does he still consider his career a failure after the films release: “I had to come round in my own time. To a certain extent, I still feel the same way I did then. I didn’t achieve my dream. My dream was to be there, wrestling in the WWE, to have enough money to retire with and to be recognised on the street. I think the upshot of it was through this, the experiences I’ve had and getting to impact people’s lives somewhat which made it worth the effort. That to me is the story of the documentary.”

On being part of ROH as an on screen talent: “I love being a part of Ring of Honor. I felt like I achieved everything I could there so there wasn’t that sense of disappointment there. I was very happy with my career there. It’s nice to go back there and try to help them reach that next level.”

His opinions of the fan criticism of ROH not being as good as it was: “We’re in a difficult period, with the transition. When Punk and Joe left it was difficult to fill that void, when Dragon and I left, it was difficult to fill that void. The other guys have got to step up, but they’ve got to be given the opportunity to step up in the right way. Going forward, Delirious has got the reigns creatively and I think we’re all excited about that and trying to get Ring of Honor back to the way it was where it was about bell to bell, the best in ring product in the world. There was some teething problems when Sinclair took over, but I feel like we’re headed in the right direction and I’m excited to see where things go.”

Feelings on British Bootcamp: “No I haven’t had a chance to watch any of it. I’m super happy for them. Spud is a guy who I’ve seen on shows and thought was fantastic but like most people I thought he was too small, based on the hiring practices to be given a contract overseas but it’s fantastic he’s been given the opportunity.”

Would he ever consider going back to TNA in any capacity: “I don’t think there’s anything I could add to them based on their current product. They have a notion of what wrestling is and they’re gonna stick with that so I’m not really interested.”

To hear the full chat where Nigel talks about the challenges of making the documentary, potential touring with the film, his dream match , his feelings on Cesaro, Bryan & others in WWE and more, head to

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10 Responses to “Nigel McGuinness Speaks Out – ROH, Future, TNA, More”

  1. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    He had a lot of potential in TNA, he and Magnus were getting a push as a tag team and then he got sidelined with medical problems and that was that.

  2. Dante_Cross says:

    He is the only guy who didn't truly 'make it' like his fellows in Aries and Danielson.

  3. tna24 says:

    man i had to look him up, because he look different with hair

  4. bik100 says:

    He could come back and wrestle now if he wanted to, he's medically cleared. Doubt Dixie is interested anymore though, especially with Hogan and Bischoff around. They buried him once they got in the company.

    • Dirk1n says:

      Wolfe only got buried in his matches against RVD, he was involved in all the big storylines until he had his health issues.

  5. incognitowolfe says:

    desmond wolfe forever!

  6. Dirk1n says:

    I've never once seen him talk about his time with TNA, the guy was set to be huge, not many people walk into a company, go straight into a feud with one of the top guys (Angle) and come out of it looking great.

  7. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    Not forgetting he won the first no.1 contender's poll… (which only lasted for three months.)

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