Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 27, 2013
Numerous TNA Talents Tweet On ‘#August1Warning’ Video

Numerous TNA Talents Tweet On ‘#August1Warning’ Video

Multiple TNA iMPACT! Wrestling stars have taken to Twitter to comment on the “#August1Warning” mystery-man angle that TNA started on their official YouTube channel on Friday.

Below are some of the tweets.

Mickie James: Who’s behind #August1Warning? Kinda Creepy! they really didn’t have 2 go thru all that 2 surprise me! #BirthdayMonth

Eric Young: I am actually worried and intrigued about tWho is behind #August1Warning?

Robbie E: Who is behind #August1Warning?

Kenny King: Who is behind #August1Warning? what the hell is this?

Mike Tenay: Who is behind #August1Warning?

Christopher Daniels: Looks like someone else other than #BadInfluence has a problem with TNA! #August1Warning

Hulk Hogan: “What’s up with AUGUST 1. don’t need anymore head aches with this kind of stuff!! GM.IMPACT WRESTLING. HH Aces&8’s and Main Event Mafia be ready for August 1st,don’t want any more trouble brother. HH

Eric Bischoff: 999 times out of a 1000, people making threats have no means to back them up: … via @youtube

For those who missed it, TNA posted a teaser video on YouTube on Friday that featured a silhouetted man with a modulated voice issuing an official warning to TNA. The mystery man promises to reveal himself at the Thursday, August 1st edition of TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, thus, “#August1Warning.”

You can check out our original “#August1Warning” story, which features the teaser video, below:

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10 Responses to “Numerous TNA Talents Tweet On ‘#August1Warning’ Video”

  1. Stunner says:

    I think it’s D. O. C. an I hope he gets his revenge on the Aces&eights.

  2. TNA_fan says:

    The shape of the head, and ears looks reminds me of Hardcore Holly, I'm not going to say is him though.

  3. brooksideraider says:

    Adam Pearce.

  4. Dante_Cross says:

    LOL, everyone has to be forced to tweet about it.

  5. whatsup121 says:

    I hope it’s Jeff Jarrett

  6. Mr. Excitement says:

    It's STING!!!

    Oh wait…

  7. JoeWrestling says:

    Don't tell the wrestling "journalists" this. They say TNA never promotes new people before they appear.. simply because TNA didn't build up Crimson in the match before they released him, and Greg when they were only using him under a one ***ht deal. These supposed wrestling experts barely watch the product, and blame the product when they don't remember what was on the show the week before. Then I watch Smackdown, and Cole can't for the life of him understand why Sandow would take the briefcase for himself in MITB instead of letting the other guy have it, but then later in the show he loves how Orton likes to inflict damage with "malice" and smash the other guys spine on the barricade. So Cole doesn't understand how someone doesn't want to bring joy to someone else by letting them have the win, but does like to see someone have pain inflicted on them with evil intent.

  8. deke43 says:

    I seem to remember some time ago Dixie tweeting something about. Someone coming slithering into Impact in the summer, what happened to that.

  9. Listentna says:

    I hope it is the boogey man who goes by slither but its probably goldberg

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