Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 9, 2014
Panic At The iMPACT! Tapings Over The WWE SD Rumors

Panic At The iMPACT! Tapings Over The WWE SD Rumors

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer — UPDATE x 5: The previous rumors of WWE SmackDown moving to Thursday this fall have obviously made their way to TNA. There was panic backstage at the TNA IMPACT!! Wrestling tapings on August 6 because of the news that SmackDown could move to Thursdays later this year. It appears that people in the company are on edge because they are expecting an announcement on TNA’s future with Spike TV soon. A meeting was held with TNA officials on August 7 that reportedly left those backstage in better spirits. According to sources, the vibe is more positive backstage than it was before. However, there is still no clear answer about the company’s future with Spike TV. The SmackDown move to Thursday is not yet official. While things appeared to be dire with TNA a short while ago, Spike TV President Kevin Kay did attend the iMPACT! Wrestling tapings on August 7. His attendance was seen as a good sign for negotiations between the companies. — UPDATE x 4: Per a source within WWE, there has definitely been consideration made toward a SmackDown move to Thursdays but that the decision hasn’t yet been made. SyFy is expected to announce their fall schedule shortly and thus a decision should be made very soon. The source said that in reference to the production truck sporting a Thursday timeslot, the change was “overzealous.” The trucks are now being fixed to reflect the currently-accurate Friday night timeslot, at least until such time as a move is made (if there is one). — UPDATE x 3: WWE has now confirmed that there have been discussions regarding a SmackDown move to Thursdays but not official deal has been made. The company confirmed the production trucks being updated with SmackDown listed as a Thursday night show on Syfy. “Someone was overzealous in updating our production trucks,” said WWE. “The trucks are being fixed to reflect the current and accurate information of Fridays at 8 p.m.” To be honest, that makes very little sense as if they do plan to move the show to Thursdays, why wouldn’t they keep the trucks the same for now? Big deal … it’s a little earlier than expected. Basically, they recently had the trucks re-done, are now going to re-do them again and then a third time if SmackDown does move to Thursdays. All this at a time where $30 million in cuts are taking place?! Hmmm. For those unaware, it isn’t cheap to detail a car let alone an 18-wheeler truck! Of course, this is all just my opinion. What do you guys think? Let us know below in the comments section! — UPDATE x 2: This won’t answer the question of whether it was just a mistake on the part of whoever did this one truck, but it should at least put the PhotoShop rumors to rest. The Laredo Energy Arena, where Smackdown was taped, posted the following to Facebook. As you can see, it is the same truck from a very different angle (and one that would, along with the lighting, make it much trickier for a random person to PhotoShop):

UPDATE: While WWE officials have yet to comment about the rumors of SmackDown being moved to Thursday night, the WWE production trucks at the television tapings on Tuesday night indicated that the show will be moving nights. As seen in the photos posted here on the website late Tuesday night, the WWE production trucks at the tapings had a large graphic that listed SmackDown as airing at 8pm EST. on Thursday’s, complete with new WWE logos and current talent pictures. SyFy, the home of SmackDown each week, has yet to release its new season schedule, however with the lack of denial, it appears likely that this is an accurate change. — ORIGINAL: As noted earlier, it seems as if WWE may be moving SmackDown back to Thursdays… or they’re so strapped for cash that they’re not only downsizing, they’re using their old trucks. (Hint: it’s not the latter.) A fan at the SmackDown tapings Tuesday night spied the show’s production trucks and happened to notice something odd about them. You can see what I’m talking about below:

Of course, WWE just renewed their deal with Viacom back in May, and it’s entirely possible that this included a move to Thursday nights. Or perhaps they’re taking advantage of those rumors that SpikeTV is canceling iMPACT! and are moving back to a timeslot with more viewers. It could also be a case of the company who did the trucks making a MAJOR mistake (not likely). Whatever the case, this should be an interesting turn of events. More as we get it.

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9 Responses to “Panic At The iMPACT! Tapings Over The WWE SD Rumors”

  1. tna4life says:

    I just wasted 5 minutes of my life I can never get back ! That is all

  2. tna24 says:

    for me it a who cares since i never watch smackdown. plus wwe go a head move to Thursday and let your ratings go down because of football and other shows. i dont watch smackdown why move from a time spot that good for them with little else on tv on Friday. plus if it true doesnt that take away viewers from their show NXT that air on Thursdays unless they plan to move it

  3. wwehater says:

    i hope TNA gets a better network and better advertisment of Impact. I
    believe Tna has a better product anyway and crush Smackdown. I
    don't watch that SD filth!

  4. Whatsup121 says:

    In case everyone forgot WWE SmackDown was

    Originally on Thursday nights to begin with & to

    Compete with Thursday night prime time shows & sports

    Is the hardest night of the week for TV ratings

  5. Kyle says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of it. Perhaps they are on Thursday somewhere else in the world. Aren’t they on a tour now?

    • RaizerNZ says:

      Sunday night smackdown and Friday night raw here in NZ.
      TNA used to be on the same channel on Saturday nights right after NXT (11:30pm) and was part of "WWE weekends" 🙁

  6. JoeWrestling says:

    Did anyone actually watch Smackd0wn this week? If so, you saw how meaningless the matches and story progression is on this show, so who cares. If anything, someone bored will show up to watch Smackdown and switch over to Impact. Just look at how much of Smackdown is filler or recaps of what's on RAW. Anyone watching live is guaranteed to switch over to TNA just to kill time, even if they don't care about TNA. TNA can just figure out what time these recaps air and target their top angles during these times to get more viewers.

  7. sephstorm says:

    Gotta agree with everyone here, TNA's fanbase is not going to be significantly affected by a move to thursday nights unless Spike pisses out. Even if people wanted to watch SD (They don't.), they'd DVR one or the other.

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