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Paul Heyman Comments On TNA’s ‘ECW Revival’ Last Year

Paul Heyman Comments On TNA’s ‘ECW Revival’ Last Year

Paul Heyman did another interview promoting his new DVD, this time with Newsday. Check out the highlights:

On Vince McMahon supporting him: “I was sitting in the office with Steven Chau in 2000, who was the president of the USA Network reporting directly to Barry Diller. This was at the time when WWE was in federal court in order to jump to Viacom off of USA Network. And USA was looking to fill the programming slot, and ECW was the frontrunner for that option at the time. And during the meeting, Steven Chau showed me a printed-out email that he had received the night before from Vince McMahon that said, ‘If your network doesn’t do business with ECW and, more specifically, with Paul Heyman, you will be depriving your network of a great resource and your viewers of guaranteed great programming.’ And Vince had no reason to do that except it’s what he felt at the time. He felt ECW was a great shop for the industry in terms of developing talent. So I can’t tell you that I’ve spent my life butting heads with the McMahons. I’ve had my ups and downs with them, as anybody else in my position would.”

On TNA’s “ECW revival”: “I think it’s very much time for anybody and everybody to move on, especially on a product that you’re trying to push forward. Nostalgia tours are great, but not in a youth oriented and dominated industry. I think the lesson learned in all this is that Spike TV didn’t renew them. And one of the reasons has to be that the most passionate reaction they can get is for a product that went away in 2001. And they’ve been trying to brand themselves since their inception and they can’t get it done. They should have spent that time and energy trying to brand themselves and not trying to elicit a response of an audience based on a product that they don’t even own.”

On criticizing Long Island fans in the past during RAW:: “I called them “the worst audience we ever performed in front of,” and said “We shouldn’t ever tape television here.” I’m fine with it. It was a reaction for the moment. They were a lousy crowd that night. Here’s the funny thing: Nothing drives a performance like an audience that gives back, and even takes over. ECW was a product that will be remembered as much, if not more, for its audience interaction as for the things that happened in the ring. The WWE Superstars look forward to every time they see Chicago on the schedule. We spend a year building toward WrestleMania, and the number-two thing everybody looks forward to is the “Raw” the day after WrestleMania, because it’s the wildest crowd of the year. I’m from New York and I go to Chicago or the day after WrestleMania and see these wild crowds, and as a New Yorker, you want to say, “If this was in New York it would be even better.” And you think about the legendary crowds at Madison Square Garden. So we bring a live, worldwide TV show, not to the Garden, but to the Nassau Coliseum, and the crowd is just sitting there with their thumbs up their tuckuses. It’s like, “Hey, we’re all New Yorkers and you’re making New York look bad. Get up off your butt and make this show. And if you don’t like the show, take over. Boo the show. Vociferously and energetically and passionately boo us out of the building. But don’t just sit there.” The opposite of loving the product isn’t hating the product. It’s apathy. And it makes for terrible television. Why is John Cena the biggest star in the industry? Because, whether you love him or you hate him, you’re at the top of your lungs about him.”

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26 Responses to “Paul Heyman Comments On TNA’s ‘ECW Revival’ Last Year”

  1. VikingBlood says:

    Move on? Shows how much he cares for ECW and he owned the company. It is not for you Paul Heyman it is for New York . You know those fans you forgot? It is for guys like Tommy Dreamer that busted his tail in the ring but behind closed doors. Heyman forgot where he came from. He is now Vince Mcmahon’s b#/^$ h

    • Peckar says:

      The future of wrestling is not rehashing ECW's product it is evolving wrestling as a product moving forward is what he is talking about, to get out of this lull that wrestling is in right now. Doesn't mean he doesn't love ECW and what it has done for him. Just means TNa should look to the future not the past. If Heyman turning down TNA's offer, and thats a if, he probably had every reason to turn it down unless he had full control, he has a legacy and he doesn't want to ruin it by putting his name to something that could spoil his legacy. Look at Russo, he would have to do something amazing with wrestling to regain faith in fans.

  2. hangers says:

    TNA was on the right path up until the point of Hogan & Bischoff joining the organisation. They had the best tag division going around, same for the KO's with storylines such as MEM and even Foley being entertaining as well as the X Division tearing things up. Once H&B joined they took things back a decade and thought things that briefly worked then would work now and tried to do it with a bunch of worn out has-beens at the expense of the original talent. Dixie was stupid to trust them but everyone thought at their original appointment that this was the push TNA needed to really challenge WWE but got burned badly..

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      TNA really was doing their best months prior to Hogan and Bischoff, and those two will always be marked as the reason for TNA suffering so badly, and more than likely failing. Sadly considering the state of TNA, I highly doubt they'll bounce back from the state they're in. Their only chance is to allow someone who really knows the business today to take over the company, not has-beens like Hogan, who only knows the industry from over 2 decades ago.

      • wwehater says:

        I agree but I hope it is not WWE/Vince McMahon!

        • oh0K says:

          LIES … Roxxi Alyssa flash gail ikim and Sojo were gone before they came in , as well as several others. Also If breaking up beer money ended the tag division, there never really was one….

          • hangers says:

            The whole thing with Bubba (another Hogan fail) and Kong was a knife into the KO division which at the time was the highest rating part of the programming each week but was then turned into a Diva's 2.0 once Kong was shown the door and Hamada left soon after…

  3. Nate says:

    As much as I love Hulk and Bisch, you re right! TNA was doing there thing there way! I think removing there signature Six Sided Ring didnt help! Hulk was and still is too big a star to be mixed up with them! Its good to think BIG but TNA went about it all wrong! I think they will figure it out! They are rebuilding now and moving in a much better direction and have a GREAT talent pool! They keep signing multi year extensions, they must be excited about something!

  4. Heyman is bitter. The WWE did a horrible job with ECW.

    At least TNA was trying to give the fans what they wanted.

    • JDubb89 says:

      LMFAO you TNA marks slay me. You all always call someone who says something negative against TNA bitter, how is he bitter? He's making more money then he would if he had gone to TNA. WWE made millions off of the ECW brand while the most TNA did was $50,000. So who really did a horrible job? Second WWE also paid them a lot more then what they made for that low budget Hardcore Justice.

      • wwehater says:

        Yea but they eventually turned ecw's style into that boring style
        WWE has and goes by. WWE sucks!

      • I am not a "mark." You are a WWE mark, on a TNA site.

        WWE tried to monopolize wrestling, they are terrible for wrestling.

        I would rather WWE go out of business, and bring back NWA, WCW, and ECW.

        • JDubb89 says:

          How am I a WWE mark? When was I blowing them? I'm stating facts. And how did WWE monopolize wrestling? No one held a gun to any promoters head when they bought out other companies. Don't blame WWE, blame the greedy promoters who took WWE's money over staying in business. Do your research before you spit out nonsense Second you are a TNA mark, because your first thing was "Heyman is bitter" Because he said it was dumb for TNA to bring back ECw instead of pushing YOUNGER talent?

          • Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

            You could create new hardcore personas like Bram involving old hardcore stars and that's nothing wrong about it
            Hardcore is a type of wrestling it's not Heyman property

            (ok he imported also the Japanese tradition to almost erase the faces and heels aspect
            i give him credits for that also but i repeat it's not his property )

            hardcore is just another way to create a match like it's for tag team wrestling and btw they are utilizing great tag teams (as a side note team 3d and hardys actuallly IMO they should also win the titles at some point to actually give more credibility to the wolves in the long run)

          • You're correct, Heyman is actig like he invented something.

            He doesn't own it, and this could be brought back.

      • oh0K says:

        theres no way wwe made millions from one niht only ESPECIALLY if they paid the taletn more than they wouldve made in TNA….

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I don't think he was wrong in any form. When TNA wanted to bring him in, he said he was only going to push the younger talent, which TNA should've done to begin with.

  5. When will Heyman talk about House of Hardcore?

    • Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

      it would be interesting if he would talk about Dreamer as booker of HOH and a hypothetical Dreamer as TNA booker.

      ECW was great but Hardcore has been invented in Japan

    • OldManEaston says:

      He just did. Anybody and Everybody.

  6. Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

    With all due respect for Heyman but TNA since day 1 has been based on 4 major focus :
    X Division ,Athleticism from anybody , great tag teams competitions and hardcore matches

    with all due respect i have appreciated ECW but HARDCORE has been imported to USA from JAPAN

    HARDCORE is part of pro wrestling because of Japan and
    ok he imported that style in USA but

    now after that he imported that style now on noone can utilize it because he imported it?

    it's like after that ROH tried to utilize in USA the strong style ,so now on no other company can utilize that style imported from Japan?

    Hardcore is a type of wrestling It's not just ECW

    it's a type like it's technical wrestling or high flying

    I don't want to taking account of Hogan Bisch but TNA has always been based on X Division (high flying guys and stiff kicks machines like JOE and LOW KI) great tag teams and hardcore matches

    • oh0K says:

      I think it has more to do wwith 90%+ matches in ecw not bein able to end on a DQ, there were almost literally no rules in ecw. The only way this would work in TNA favor is if they brouht back he title changing hands via dq…

  7. Mr. Excitement says:

    Heyman is right. TNA cannot brand themselves. They can never stick to something.

    For many years when we hear about bringing more focus back to the X-Division, it never lasts.

    When introducing new titles, after a few months those titles lose focus then vanish.

    They introduce new ideas then over time they vanish without a word. Remember 'Open Fight Night' and the Division Standings for example?

    • Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

      You should try to reconsider everything since day 1 and you should also try to not think about Hogan Bisch completely unnatural direction.I know it's not that easy but TNA has always been different since Hogan's arrival.

      Then you are right Hogan destroyed their charateristics I didnt like the X Divsion used just as a side project and the whole product was boring and non stop action was just name ,
      during that long period of time i ve just enjoyed Bucks vs mcmg ,Kaz Daniels vs bucks at ONO ,KAz Daniels vs Angle AJ vs Hernandez chavo, Trent vs Dutt vs MAnik, Aries vs Aj ,Roode vs Aries bfg series

  8. Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

    btw on Cena :adults cant be silent about it or just express apathy because then there would be just chants from cena kids then people want to express their genuine dislike

    it's not controversy it's frustration
    i'm just assuming because i stopped watching their product

  9. Beezy_Does_It says:

    Well there it is. Vince Mcmahan can't even hate on Paul Heyman! So how the hell is it that Dixie wanted to run with Hogan & Bishoff insted!?!? It just furthur shows she knows nothing about wrestling.

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