Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 25, 2013
Paul London Returning To ROH + TNA iMPACT! Preview

Paul London Returning To ROH + TNA iMPACT! Preview

— Here is what is scheduled for tonight’s TNA iMPACT! Wrestling…

* TNA champion Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan go face to face.
* Will AJ Styles choose between TNA and Aces & Eights?
* TNA Knockouts champion Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James.
* TNA Tag Team champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Bobby Roode & Austin Aries.

— ROH has announced that forner TNA star Paul London will replace Naomichi Marufuji at ROH Final Battle. Marufuji was pulled after suffering a knee injury a week and a half ago in Japan. London will face Davey Richards at Final Battle and Michael Elgin at the TV taping the next day; the shows take place May 4th and 5th.

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7 Responses to “Paul London Returning To ROH + TNA iMPACT! Preview”

  1. mrbirdy1 says:

    I wonder what is the swerve for the Bully & Hogan confrontation??

    U know something is going to happen..

  2. Peckar says:

    Good talent.

  3. KilloWare1996 says:

    Why's the real botchamania taking on Bully Ray? please don't let the same thing in WCW to happen.

  4. Treck says:

    Hulk Hogan cannot wrestle. And what happened in WCW? If Turner did not go all time Warner WCW would still be around. Psst booker T. Goldberg. The cruierweight division “which at times were more shown than the heavyweights” I do not mean to sound so pro WCW. But I have a sinking feeling.most internet fans go by the rise and fall of wcw and anyone in the iwc that was around to at that time crapping on any second in ratings company. Now without saying… there were mistakes in wcw. Arquette winning the title etc. But one cannot criticize something if they were not there. Or cannot think for themselves. Ok moving on today. You think Hogan is really going to wrestle for the title? He in interviews says that he will because he knows the iwc will go all PMS thus getting a reaction. People who think Hogan will actually wrestle for the title need to get their heads out of their backsides!

    • revrock20 says:

      Well said. And good for ROH with Paul London. Loved watching him and Brian Kendrick. Always thought they should be in a pro wrestling company, TNA or ROH.

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