Posted by Boone on Apr 15, 2012
PHOTO: Current TNA Wrestler Shaves His Head Bald!

PHOTO: Current TNA Wrestler Shaves His Head Bald!

The following is a photo of a current TNA star with his head freshly shaved bald:

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6 Responses to “PHOTO: Current TNA Wrestler Shaves His Head Bald!”

  1. JoshuaTNA says:

    Damn I was hopping it was gunner.

  2. Mutter5 says:

    This is news! Ground breaking stuff!

    Kaz looks a little like Randy Orton with short hair….

  3. mattcasdorph says:

    He's not technically bald.

  4. Pipboy86 says:

    I think it makes him look worse because he has thinning hair on top. If I ever get thin like that I am going for the completely bald look. My wife likes bald heads anyway. I wear my hair kind of like he does in that picture now but its not sparse and thin. She's the one that convinced me to cut it short in the first place. She wanted me to cut it all off but we compromised at short. I think once guys go short like that it is hard to want to go back. Short hair is awesome because it requires almost zero maintenance.

  5. Captain N says:

    He does llok ike Orton LOL……now that would be an interesting team !

  6. shanedraper says:

    he looks like randy orton

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