Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 8, 2013
PHOTO: Dixie Carter Is SMOKIN’ HOT!

PHOTO: Dixie Carter Is SMOKIN’ HOT!

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12 Responses to “PHOTO: Dixie Carter Is SMOKIN’ HOT!”

  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    I've always thought she was a hot, especially for her age.
    Not a great picture of her though
    And im not entirely sure why they have bothered posting this as news either O_O

  2. OldManEaston says:

    She ain't bad at all for an old bird. Is it just me though, but what happened to her twins? I seem to remember more of them at one point.

    • Scorpdeathdrop says:

      she had a double mastectomy dude lol…

      • andy3323 says:

        Err, i think you have the wrong Dixie Carter, that was the Dixie Carter from the show Desigining Women.
        http:// lmgtfy. com/?q=dixie+carter+double+mastectomy

  3. Nate says:

    I met her at Slammiversary as well and she definitely looked hott! A real life MILF!

  4. Steven kelly says:

    Serge is a very lucky man 🙂

  5. tna24 says:

    she not that bad looking, but really this as a story. got nothing better to post?

  6. JoeWrestling says:

    Classy reporting.

  7. A_Double says:

    Yes she is!

  8. annil8or4321 says:

    she is still looking nice

  9. bigdizzle80 says:

    I wouldn't fuck her with yo momma's tranny dick

  10. Brandon says:

    I would love to make love to dixie all night long and every hole

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