Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 29, 2013
PHOTO: Jesse Sorensen Posts TNA Legal Document!

PHOTO: Jesse Sorensen Posts TNA Legal Document!

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16 Responses to “PHOTO: Jesse Sorensen Posts TNA Legal Document!”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:


  2. mb113 says:

    The poor guy needs to get over it and move on.

  3. soyfenomenal says:

    Well, this action is surely not legal.

  4. Tiffanydude says:

    Oh Jesse shouldn't have done that, Looks like it's time for TNA to call "Park, Park & Park".

  5. TFnatureboyfig4 says:

    Big whoop. It's a pretty standard document.. It just says he won't hold them responsible for injuries, and that he consents to any necessary medical treatment. It's not that different from a kid's field trip permission slip.

  6. RavenNevermore says:

    Jessie SoreAsson

  7. 02Roadking says:

    What's the point of posting it out? To prove they have no liability?

  8. pepsilover2008 says:

    But jesse what happened to not posting the dixie comments? Yeah i don't buy it anymore

  9. Peckar says:

    Starting to think somebody last week was right. Probably just a work.

  10. JoeWrestling says:

    He's just kinda making their point that they aren't responsible for his well-being. Not really sure of the point of the posting. Again, this just makes future employers not want to hire him if he's going to do this, which if he wants to continue wrestling makes little sense. I mean, if indy companies are going to be his target employers, don't they care even less, and lucky if they even have the required insurance for the events.

  11. tHe_SoRrOw says:

    Maybe he is behind the August 1 warning?

  12. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Is there a reason why he posted that ?

  13. TNA_fan says:

    I wonder if he going to "sue" TNA on Augues 1st?? I guess we're going to find out this Thursday, I for one can't wait.

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