Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 5, 2013
PHOTO: Taryn Terrell Bruised At Slammiversary!

PHOTO: Taryn Terrell Bruised At Slammiversary!

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5 Responses to “PHOTO: Taryn Terrell Bruised At Slammiversary!”

  1. MikeS23 says:

    She's tough. But she ain't no Daffney.

  2. POWERBOMB says:

    oh that's nothing

    • tnadude says:

      I know. I get beat up worse than that playing volleyball.

      Then again, my body's not a perfect temple either 😉

  3. UKTNAFAN says:

    This match was crazy! I'm glad she's bruised to be honest, these are knockouts – you don't call someone a knockout and expect them to just be slapping someone. The stereotype of female wrestlers just being on the roster to look good is so annoying, I hope TNA tries to change this with bigger matches for the women!

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