Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 10, 2014
PHOTO: The Terrible TNA Lockdown Attendance

PHOTO: The Terrible TNA Lockdown Attendance

According to a fan in attendance at the TNA Lockdown pay-per-view, there were less than 1,500 fans in attendance at the event. Here is a photo taken from the show. According to the fan, the “hard camera” side of the arena was half filled while the other side (photo below) only had people in the first several rows to make it look better on camera:

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13 Responses to “PHOTO: The Terrible TNA Lockdown Attendance”

  1. JoshuaTNA says:

    I really question if the people running this site are actually fans of TNA?

  2. rawuncutnxrated says:

    They didn't start the site to be "fans"… they are journalists. Journalists are supposed to be unbiased. So they are reporting the news.

    If you want homers, start your own site & make up your news.

  3. tna4life says:

    However it was a Great PPV in my mind! It was well worth the money I paid, and it furthered the storylines and also delivered some surprises. This PPV beats the WWE sold out Royal Rumble that was horrid by the way as described by a friend of mine. Who told me he will never purchase another WWE PPV again!

    • JoeWrestling says:

      PPV was good, and the "bad" stuff still was clearly done to start new feuds. I can see where the Abyss coming from under the ring could turn some people off, but it is consistent with the Magnus getting someone to help, and they told the story that someone could lose by not responding to the ref early in the match. You could also wonder why / how Dixie could just put in a new ref in a match with these stakes. But I think the story is MVP set a trap and outsmarted her, but the casual on looker may just say this is stupid and not think much into it. Also the Lethal Lockdown was a bit busy and slightly lacked high level talent as compared to previous years. I don't think the Willow thing worked. His costume needs to be tweaked, and one can easily argue why change Hardy when he's one of the only things that is an over draw. Hopefully this was just a reason for Hardy to get in the building on that n!ght, and now that MVP is in charge he goes back to normal Hardy, and only uses Willow on occassions. But personally I did like the show a lot for what it was.

  4. Nova_numb says:

    I agree with you JoshuaTNA. We may never see it with the way TNA promotes their shows. But I am betting if they sold out a PPV building…They would be like, well it was heavily papered or the attendance numbers are flawed…I don't think they ever report anything good happening to TNA.

  5. slchris01 says:

    Funny I saw pics from fans that were in attendance and people I actually know, that show something totally different….Decent amount of fans in attendance, of course the stupid guy who took the pic showed the spot that had no one in that section, of course

  6. Davey Richards says:

    Ryan Clark hates TNA. He straight up told Davey Richards on Twitter a couple of days ago that he wished he was in WWE or ROH. Ryan Clark only does it for the $$$.

  7. TwoWikked says:

    I've been to two Lockdowns as well as an Impact taping on the road. This is what the area behind the hard cam always looks like. They focus their audience in front of the hard cam so that they'll be shown on television.

  8. Beezy_Does_It says:

    I feel bad for TNA. They are never going to be able to draw in the states. At least that's what it looks like.
    THIS IS WHY TNA NEEDS TO DO TWO U.K. TOURS A YEAR OR JUST BECOME A HALFWAY U.K. BASED COMPANY. It's crazy because I bet the ppv was actually a good show.

  9. JuicyYusie says:

    Compare it to last year where TNA had the road to lockdown, it was lockdown this, lockdown that and guess what? They had their biggest attendance in company history…

  10. SammyShooter says:

    Now tell me again how good of an idea it was to let go of Hogan, Sting, MJ, etc… ??? Crickets..

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