Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 8, 2012
PHOTO: The TNA Lockdown PPV Poster!

PHOTO: The TNA Lockdown PPV Poster!

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8 Responses to “PHOTO: The TNA Lockdown PPV Poster!”

  1. JoeWrestling says:

    But I thought TLC was the most dangerous PPV of the year, and Summerslam was the biggest event of the summer! Someones lying here..

    • soyfenomenal says:

      Most WWE wrestlers are bitches afraid to take actually decent bumps. They use cheap, wooden ladders. Probably not even wood. Fiber glass. Lol. Not dangerous at all.

  2. Ultimate_X says:

    its a pretty good poster!

  3. SammartinoJC says:

    Hulk Hogan "I want to help put the new guys over" …..that's why he's the biggest freakin thing on the poster!

    • Matt Hardy says:

      Whatever Hogan says is pretty much the opposite of what is true. Since 2010 he has managed to worm his way into just about every meaningful TNA storyline. Sometimes it seems like half the segments on any given impact are focused around that old man. It is no coincidence that Impact is better when he is on one of his hiatus periods. It is basically the Hulk and Brooke Hogan show with everyone else thrown in as supporting caste. As passable as TNA has been over the last several months primarily because of Austin Aries, it is better without the Hogans or Bischoff's kid, and is nowhere near where it needs to be to truly turn the corner and be a respectable promotion. There is still no X division, no appreciable tag team division and no consistent midcard from which with to build upon. Everything follows the Hogan clause, which basically decrees you don't get opportunities unless Hogans character thinks you are deserving of one. That is a huge problem. The fatal flaw in TNA right now.

  4. Ibra says:

    If Aries faces hardy at lockdown Aries better win because hardy would have a 5 month reign by then and Aries deserve back the belt cause he brings the best out of every wrestler he faces.

  5. dreamerfcf says:

    Harry's contract expires in February. Why is he on the poster?

  6. shoots101 says:

    hmmm i see joe rvd too as well as storm and roode

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