Posted by Boone on Mar 11, 2012

PHOTOS: Abyss Unmasked As Joseph Park In TNA!

The following are photos of Abyss unmasked as Joseph Park on TNA Impact Wrestling:

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9 Responses to “PHOTOS: Abyss Unmasked As Joseph Park In TNA!”

  1. MYO716 says:

    The last one looks like a crappy prom pic.

  2. purpmuffins says:

    I'm really excited for this story line. He has a good look, and it gives abyss a fresh character.

  3. jason8150x says:

    he looks like Penn from Penn and Teller

  4. Rent_A_Geek says:

    With his 'off' persona revealed, his non-character interviews suddenly make a great deal more sense to me. I loved the way he expressed himself when he was not in character, but somehow I could not believe it that coherent and insightful person was really the Monster Abyss. I am now doubly impressed that he portrays the monster so effortlessly.

  5. mb113 says:

    Man they could really go places with this one. Perhaps Abyss doesnt have a brother, it is just a character he made up to express himself being rational, maybe kind of like in the movie "Fight Club".

  6. WolfLair76 says:

    No way is that Abyss isn't tall enough ABYSS is almost the same size as Morgan plus this guy has no scars on his head Abyss does it is Terry Bam Bam Gordy's son playing the younger brother Abyss doesn't look this young.

    • dabomcutie says:

      I've seen Abyss and Matt both in person at the same live event. Abyss really isn't all that tall, he's just a big boy. Matt was easily 7-8 inches taller.

  7. Andrew Lacey says:

    I’m Going To Say If There Is A Match Between The Monster Abyss Gets A Match With A TNA-Wrestler So If Abyss Wins With His Opponent will Unmask Abyss In Slammiversary Then Turns Out

    To-Be Joseph Parks

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