Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 28, 2013
PHOTOS: Awesome ‘Kharma’ Kong’s Massive Weight Loss!

PHOTOS: Awesome ‘Kharma’ Kong’s Massive Weight Loss!

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22 Responses to “PHOTOS: Awesome ‘Kharma’ Kong’s Massive Weight Loss!”

  1. TheBringer92 says:

    looks totally different

  2. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    She risks losing her gimmick if she keeps losing weight, though, I imagine this is because she wants to increase her chance of having a child, so good on her.

  3. TNA_fan says:

    Way to go Kong!! Show the people who said is not possible to lose weight, I for one hope to see you back in TNA one day..

  4. HolsG says:

    Fair play to her.

    She can still pull of an intimidating gimmick to (being 6'1" helps). Love to see her back in TNA to

  5. jbcissom says:

    Here's my thing… if she's losing this weight to have a child as one poster mentioned or to get healthy… good for her. If she's doing this for WWE or the weight loss is from nefarious reasons, it's sad. I just hope she's healthy physically and mentally.

  6. DarkNexxus says:

    As big as she was, that would have given her heart problems later in life. She may not be 'Awesome Kong' as we remember her, but she's looking pretty darn good in that photo. Congratulations!

  7. Norton says:

    Mark Henry looks different now

  8. MagnumNikitaTNA says:

    now she just looks like Yolanda from down the street…without her Awesome Kong gimmick she might need to move on to something outside of wrestling

    • Sturk says:

      I agree! She's trying to join a overcrowded lane of "girly" women in wrestling. What made her so valuable was her monster like image. Now she's not wearing her costume and dressing girly in the ring. Total waste……..

      • DarkNexxus says:

        Would you say it's more important to look the part of a monster sized girl to earn a paycheck rather than get into shape and say, at the very least prolong your life? Not to mention no longer exerting yourself when doing simple things like walking and shopping?

        I don't know why she opted to lose weight if she did it to join in the girly ranks as you stated, then that would be a poor decision on her part, but in order to start a family, or for her health, then she did the right thing.

      • TNA_fan says:

        Well "maybe" she'll lose the awesome kong gimmick, but is up to her if she wants to lose weight, have a secornd chance of being a mom, then more power to her, for not letting a employer getting in her way.

    • IHNSAIN says:

      bull shit

  9. RavenNevermore says:

    Hope she is not doing this for WWE. A great thing. Proud of her if she did it for herself.

  10. Stunner says:

    Great job on shedding the extra pounds, good for you .

  11. hangers says:

    She's lost alot of weight but needs some new ring gear, she reminds me of the woman who used to dance with Dusty Rhodes in the WWF.

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