Posted by Boone on Apr 23, 2012

PHOTOS: Brand New Shots Of Velvet Sky Posing!

The following are photos of TNA Knockout Velvet Sky posing:

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9 Responses to “PHOTOS: Brand New Shots Of Velvet Sky Posing!”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    She neeeeeeeds to do something in which there is at least full frontal nudity.

  2. locktite says:

    She doesn't need to do full frontal nudity, and cheapen herself. These pictures leave enough to the imagination, while still showing plenty. Once you have seen a naked woman (a living breathing one) you will understand.

  3. Big t mass says:

    Im an official yankee fan now

  4. fentown says:

    I get that she's from New York, but she's dating Sabin who's in the Motor City Machine Guns, not the big apple cores.

  5. Laker says:

    She is my favorite knockout.

    “Let the pigeons lose!”

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