Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 10, 2014
PHOTOS: More Photos Of The TNA Lockdown Attendance

PHOTOS: More Photos Of The TNA Lockdown Attendance

Thanks to Justin Wells and many others on Twitter for these photos of the TNA Lockdown attendance:







ORIGINAL: According to a fan in attendance at the TNA Lockdown pay-per-view, there were less than 1,500 fans in attendance at the event. Here is a photo taken from the show. According to the fan, the “hard camera” side of the arena was half filled while the other side (photo below) only had people in the first several rows to make it look better on camera:

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10 Responses to “PHOTOS: More Photos Of The TNA Lockdown Attendance”

  1. mutaisback says:

    Hey, why didn't you show the other side of the arena where all the people were. I was actually there and the other side was packed to the rafters.

    • hamzy_ji says:

      Sweet, What was it like live? On TV it appeared the crowd was quiet at times, was it a lively crowd?

      Its a shame that every one always putting down TNA, like its the cool thing to do. It look like on Camera side it was packed. Off camera its always empty, nothing new there.

  2. NARDDAWG says:

    they could only have 2 people in the crowd still watch TNA over WWE

  3. slchris01 says:

    Couple of photos taken were from before the PPV started when people are still coming in. Yeah these photos were placed on here to have a negative effect. Isnt it curious this site seems to post only those pictures that show only how "bad" TNA is doing?

  4. DJBIGCG says:

    I saw the ppv, and it was pretty good. I thought there were more than 1500 people in attendance though

  5. tna4life says:

    Lockdown was AWESOME! I loved the X-Division match it was better than I expected! I must say the entire card was solid and so were the surprises and the matches! Great JOB TNA!!!!

  6. sephstorm says:

    You can clearly see better attendance in the during show pictures, 1 2 and the last.

  7. incognitowolfe says:

    Is this site really this desperate for viewS?

  8. mutaisback says:

    That was by far the louder TNA crowd I ever heard. When Dixie Carter was doing her opening segment, Spud couldn't even hear her from all the boos in the crowd. All the matches had great pops throughout the night and the wrestlers seemed very glad to hear the massive roars from the crowd when they were coming down or going up the ramp.

  9. Nilus says:

    More horseshit from this piece of shit website.

    Most pictures are from before it started and having watched the event you can see the camera side was packed not half full like these idiots make it out to be.

    What’s the point even posting this kind of shit either post facts or post fuck all you inbred fucktard dirtsheet garbage.

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