Posted by Boone on Jun 30, 2012

PHOTOS: New Shots Of TNA’s Miss Tessmacher!

The following are photos of TNA Knockout Miss Tessmacher:

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9 Responses to “PHOTOS: New Shots Of TNA’s Miss Tessmacher!”

  1. fentown says:

    got an ass that goes with that chin. still incredibly hot. Like Ashlee Simpson and her nose.
    Also I'm impressed in how she has gotten better since coming in as Bischoff's assistant. Possibly the only good thing Bischoff and Hogan have done.

  2. Roid Master says:

    Nice jaw…in that top pic, she kind of looks like Kurt Russell.

    • Pipboy86 says:

      I don't get why some wrestling fans think she is so scorching hot. Butt chins are never a positive attractive feature on a woman. Most women would say the same thing. Every women I have ever known who had one wished she didn't and most guys aren't crazy about them either. Tessmacher is not ugly by any means. She's cute, but her butt chin makes her look like an otherwise average girl that most guys would be happy to have, but not have fantasies about. Which is what the KO's are now…a hot contest since Hogan and Bischoff came along. I don't get wrestling fans sometimes.

      • jbcissom says:

        she's a "bagger". put a bag over her face, and you still have the best azz in wrestling.

      • Dante_Cross says:

        Ever think that the girls you know or seen with butt chins have more against their looks than their chin? People gripe about something just to hide the fact that they aren't good looking at all. If you can pull it off, then that's great, and Tessmacher does that.

        Also, what do you mean?? The TNA roster has had about the same KOs since Hogan and Bischoff came. The ppl that did come in, like Mickie and Winter, are less good looking than the girls they already had like Velvet and Angelina so I don't see your logic there.

        • Pipboy86 says:

          The KO's used to have good street fights, real cage matches and hard hitting action on a regular basis. They were actually real wrestlers who were allowed to go out and perform to their highest athletic level. That just hasn't been the case since Hogan and Bischoff imposed their vision of the KO's. When they first took over it was transformed almost exclusively into ridiculous bra and panties diva nonsense. It has only gotten marginally better since that time. Even Gail Kim is allowed to look nothing like what she did in her first TNA run. Beyond the fact that the roster is simply not as deep as it once was with Gail, Kong, Angelina, Roxxi, Hamada, Dafney, Taylor Wilde etc and there are only a few girls who can actually work (Micki who is ok, but not up to the old KO level, Tara who is getting older and Sarita and Angelina who are not used to their potential), there is an obvious decree from creative that has come down to tone it down. Apparently they don't think fans want to see really competitive women's wrestling anymore and want it more of a mix of eye candy with some basic wrestling at a limited risk.

    • toddmikki says:

      It's the Hooter's Bikini-Weight Champion!

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