Posted by Boone on Feb 21, 2012

PHOTOS: Official TNA “Lockdown” 2012 PPV Poster!

The following is the official TNA “Lockdown” pay-per-view promotional poster for this year’s event:

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5 Responses to “PHOTOS: Official TNA “Lockdown” 2012 PPV Poster!”

  1. HolsG says:

    Not one of the best but i'm glad the headliners are on it for a change.

  2. Mutter5 says:

    These two will put on a good show, I reckon Roode will retain.

  3. Roid Master says:

    Great main event…. weak poster! It builds no suspense for the match. They should have had them in a staredown so you can feel their "hatred" of each other. If I was a casual fan and didn't know the storyline, I wouldn't no if these guys are friends or enemies by looking at this poster.

  4. TommyBallbuster says:

    looks pretty boring to me.

  5. mrthefanboy says:

    Awesome can't wait for TNA Lockdown.

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